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  1. Yea it was definitely worth it just from the lesson aspect I took from it. It was crazy seeing how changing the alignment lines could throw your aim off so much. Either way if I decide to order the Edel or not I would like to adjust my current putter. So would I need to change the lie of my current putter to that of the Edel?
  2. So I ended up doing an Edel fitting and learned a lot from it. Turns out I aimed my current putter dead on. The fitter tried different sight lines and none got me on better than the same line setup. We then moved to the distance control. Turns out the weighting of my current putter was very close to what he fit me into. What did change was he fit me into a slightly longer shaft and a flatter lie. Question is if I wanted to adjust my current putter to the correct lie would it be the same for what I was fit to?
  3. The edel system seems pretty interesting. I've been looking at their website and see they have the weight in the heel of the putter. How would that affect someone with a more sbst stroke? How about someone that uses the alignment line on the ball? does that kinda of mute the point of the aiming system? Thanks for all the responses. There is a lot of valuable info in here!
  4. Yea definitely burned the left edge of the cup all weekend. Not sure if it’s an aim thing or a poor stroke.
  5. Looking at the Edels it looks like the weight is in the heel. How would this affect a sbst stroke? What about using the line on the ball, does this go against the way they're intended?
  6. Have you had any experience with them?
  7. Hey everyone first post. Ive been doing a little research about putter fittings. Seems to be all kinds of different types of fittings. Seems to cover everything from alignments and stroke types. Does anyone recommend any particular fitting? Anyone recommend a fitter in the Savannah, GA up towards Hilton head area? thanks
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