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  1. A Washington Golfer

    Washington state ... not D.C. Why is that always a question when I say Washington ? LOL. Anyways, Finally actually worked on my golf game this summer and thats how I found this site. I have actually shot the best round ever after working on things from this site (a 75 on a par 70 course) Just givin' out a shout.
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I will have to say this was probably my best score ever all around. Played with some friends who are just hacks, but I dont mind. Before hand they were talking about how they hope to break 100 (none of them did, one shot 101) I told them I wanna shoot under 90. Said I will be happy with "bogey golf" Things didnt look to good out of the gate. Started out going double bogey, bogey to start the show. Then hole 3 I had a nice chip in from about 40 feet from the cup for birdie. Put me 2 over for the front as i shot par the rest of the 6 holes on the front. Shot a 36 (+2) on the front. Very happy with that. Back 9 was not bad as well. 1 bird (2 feet from hole on par 3) 4 pars and 4 bogies for a 39 (+3) on the back for a total of 75. Now that is alot better than the "hope I break 90" And I owe it all to this site. I have learned that I dont swing very hard and a soft compression ball is good for me. When I swing hard I have less control. Also a few tips to turn my slice into a fade. LOL. And many putting tips as well. Only had 32 putts, I am happy with that as well. I ddint hit many fairways though (6 of 14) but I just missed them just off the fairway. Only hit 8 of the 18 GIR. Again just missing them on the fringe and having good chips to save me. Also I shortened my back swing for better control. I do need to work on my tempo though. Sometimes I feel like I am going too slow. So I wanna say Thank you to everyone who post helpful tips on here.
  3. Shot Log

    I never used to keep track of everything until I got on this site. Now I just keep track of Fairways hit, GIR and putts. And obviously my score . Might start of keeping track of where I missed my drives and approaches next time.
  4. Sand Trap Newby - South Wales UK

    Welcome, I been poking around here newly myself. I tried to post up a new thread to introduce myself, but it said I couldn't. But I love this site. It has really helped me lower my score. Thanks everyone