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  1. Yeah, I am going to invest in a newer used driver. I'm actually reading up on restoring these old drivers...They are in great shape, and pretty neat. One of them is a 1953 MacGregor Byron Nelson. Going to be fun to fix it up. I went through and cleaned up the clubs quite nicely, and some of them are mens clubs, some womens. Once weather permits, I'll take them to the range and give them a good try out. I've been messing around just in the house with the putter a bit, and it has a nice fit to it.
  2. I like most of them! One of my favorites is Awesome Golf on the Atari Lynx from the early 90s. I've been really enjoying the latest Mario Golf on 3DS lately, as well as some classic Links 2003 on PC.
  3. Huge videogame fan and collector! I'll dive in to that section. Yes, that basically seemed to be what I gathered and assumed. I figured it would be nice to at least make use of them while getting into it, before investing in more expensive clubs. I would like to be able to make use of what I have, and then down the line if I decide to and am able to be serious about golf, then invest in new clubs. Thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂
  4. Ahoy! New around these parts, though not to forums. I'm from up in the frozen north woods of Maine. 🙂 I went golfing a few times a good decade back, and truly enjoyed what little bit of it I did. Now years later looking to get back into it! 🙂 Open to any suggestions. I have a set of clubs I was given for helping a family member back then, but it turns out they are actually women's clubs (Which I am not.). Upon some research on them, they seem like pretty solid clubs! I've never used these ones, as I played with friends the times I did. I've had them for years in storage. The Putter is a Northwestern Sandra Palmer 412. There are a handful of McGregor clubs, some Wilson Sam Sneads, and some Ram Golden Girls. They are all completely rust free, and in great shape...Though they have a bit of mildew on them I need to clean off, and the bag is a bit dirty (Bag is by Seal? Can't find anything on them.). Now, I'm about 5'9 1/2 and average build. All the info I can find on men using womens clubs is besides a bit of poking fun, it's not really a big deal if they fit well to your height. Was wondering if these would work fine? I would like to slowly replace/retire them, and get nicer and newer ones. I believe likely the best move would be to first invest in a decent driver, no? Or would I be best off just following what these guides say and getting a new set like the Callaway Strata? Anyway, enough with the long winded intro...Look forward to learning more from you all!
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