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  1. I bought a Powakaddy C2 Compact. It has the tendency to want to tip over on uneven courses (all courses). When it tips, as most weight is at the head, the impact of the handle hitting the ground, causes the connecting lugs on the main bracket to shear off. They are plastic and I believe should be steel. Powakaddy repaired the trolley under warranty which was fine. However, when the same thing happened again to the same component, leaving me stranded on a course, although they again repaired it, I have refused to accept it back. Powakaddy and I are in a little bit of limbo land at the moment and I'm going to be the loser. I am claiming the design is not fit for purpose as you would expect it to withstand a tipple over and not smash. They are saying they are so happy with the design that they're bringing out a GPS version. I won't accept it as I would be too worried out on the course that it will fall over and break. I have arthritis in the hip so can't lug a bag around. I would have to leave the lot where it fell and ask someone to retrieve it for me. Not the best situation. The Freeway models are better but my advice would be to steer clear of the C2 Compact.
  2. Glad I read this. I thought you had the option of knee high Are there any other potentially contentious situations in the new rules
  3. Hi all, New Member here. About 18 months ago, I was interested in purchasing an electric golf trolley due to a problem with Arthritis in my hips. It was also, my brothers 50th birthday around the same time, so I decided to treat him too. There were two trolleys in our club shop, one the C2 Compact and one a Freeway model, He got first choice. I ended up with the compact. You would expect uneven ground on a golf course, the C2 however, has a tendency to fall over if you are not holding the handle on uneven ground. On one occasion, it did fall over, the impact of it hitting the ground caused a connecting bracket on the main chassis to 'shear' its connecting lugs which are plastic. Powakaddy repaired the problem under warranty, but the exact same thing happened 12 months later, which again they've just repaired. I am refusing to take the trolley back as I believe they have a design issue and that connecting bracket is not fit for purpose. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
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