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  1. If any of you guys have played at Bethpage how was your experience playing it and what did you shoot?
  2. Pick 5 brands/companies you would like to get sponsored by if you were a pro. Mine would be: Titleist, Under Armour, Coca Cola, Verizon, and Rolex
  3. Anybody else excited for the masters?
  4. Driver,Wood,Hybird I messed up on this one I will create a new one later.
  5. Yesterday I almost got a six on a par 5 but I sank a 35-foot putt to keep the challenge alive.
  6. Yesterday when I was taking a chip shot in my backswing my hat flew off my head and I ended up shanking the shot and almost losing my hat.
  7. cartertheraptor


  8. Yesterday I played in 25 mph winds and was awful.
  9. This is from another round, but we can focus on this round. My putting is bad because of speed control. I either hit the ball too light or too fast. I also don't know how to read greens.
  10. It depends how far you are out and what kind of lie you have. Bunker: Sand Wedge (54 - 58 Degrees) Fringe: Putter, Lob Wedge, Hybrid, Wood, Driver (These can be used as a putter) You can use a bump and run which is to land it short and let it run.
  11. 1. Get better at putting 2. Stop hooking my driver 3. Shoot even par 5 times 4. Get one hole in 1 5. Be the best golfer I can be
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