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  1. Hot Rock

    Hot Rock

  2. I have one major priority? Find a way to play and not be in pain without going all in on pain meds. My right ring finger hurts like crazy after about 5 holes and I could not finish a round. Since it's well into the year I will post my progress and results to date. 1st step: Change to a arthritic grip (bigger around) - Complete and it helped but not nearly enough 2nd: Try wearing a glove on the right hand... I used baseball batters gloves since it was thicker and provided more protection. This would almost get me through a round but not quite. The last few holes were still a struggle. 3rd: Added Ibuprofen, 800mg and it helps but I did not solve the problem. I don't like taking meds so i am not taking them. 4th: Tried CBD oil... somewhat effective but not worth the trouble 5th Completely changing my grip. This is not a quick fix. I don't even need the glove now and can play witoutt pain but man, it's hard to hit a ball this way. I have gone to full baseball grip and I can hit balls all day long with little hand pain but this is going to be a long road back to par golf this way. Oh well, at least I am playing. Goal number Two: Fit my clubs to my swing rather than my swing to my clubs. This sounds easy enough but when you live where I do, there are not many places to go for fitting properly. My set was supposedly fit to my swing but I swear they weren't, I believe that I had changed my swing to make the standard too long shaft fit me. So: 1st: I cut my shafts down at the grips to make the lie match my grip and height rather than get the lie changed. I have always felt these clubs, Callaways, were too long in the shaft. Results to date. I am hitting more greens than ever because I am hitting the straighter when I catch them clean. Now, to get this grip worked out so I can catch them clean. That may take a little while. I do hit them a few yards shorter but that's no worries provided I know what they do. I just play 1/2 club more than I previously would pick.
  3. Craziest swing I ever saw a good scorer have is this retired post office worker. His nickname is "Stud". He still hits it well over 300 and he is pushing 70 if not already. He is not big guy either, maybe 5' 10" or so. Putts his ass off and can get up and down from anywhere too. He regularly shoots in the 60's but his swing is crazy as crap. If I get a video of him, you guys will freak and swear there is no way he can hit a ball like that but his swing plane keeps his club head square for an exceeding long time.
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