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  1. I've only shot one round this season here in NJ. I shot 5 over on the front... then my friend left. The starter told me to go back out on the front nine again so I did and shot even par on the front. I got the second part on video because that's what I do. It a short little course... good to get a starter round in. I hope to get out more later in the year. Kids are out of school and I mostly play golf in the fall season. If weather lets me. Brent
  2. Currently a New Jersey State Licensed Real Estate agent and Member of National Association of Realtors. 20 or more years ago I was an Assistant Golf Pro. Now my goal is to get back to golf. I also run a golf website, FB and youtube channel all about getting back to golf. I don't know if i can add a link to it but below is a video of one of my best rounds to date. Thanks for the add to this forum and I hope I can bring some helpful advice and even learn something along the way. Brent
  3. I've been Playing Golf for: 35 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10 My typical ball flight is: fade but can work the ball right to left if needed The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: thin or fat Videos:
  4. As crazy as this sounds it's effective. I bring a Score card with me and play those holes as I would play a normal round. I also don't rush the shots either. Giving myself time between each shots. I'll also video each shots so I can add a little pressure as if someone is watching or playing along with me. I'll even add the video to my YT channel or FB page... It makes for a fun practice. I just skip the putting. It really helps me. Even though you'll look a little out there to the rest at the range. hope it helps
  5. There is a lot of great advice in all the comments! My best advice when it comes to chipping... Is practice with a variety of clubs off the fringe, in the rough, in heavy rough, in a divot, off the mulch, and find which works best for you. My 8 iron works best for me because I can bump and run it or even hit a small flop shot with it. But I also use my 9 or 52 degree wedge too. I use my 56 out of the sand. I have a bunch of videos on it... I even did a hands on review of the square strike wedge. Don't fall for the Commercial on TV. You already have the club in y
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