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  1. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    There are a few senarios that I would first ask. Put them in the same time with the same technology and the same age and who would be better? I am leaning towards Jack Is the competition tougher than when Jack was in his prime? I have no idea, anyone? I've read many say that TW is in an athelete and better shape but the courses are MUCH longer than they used to be in Jacks prime and who says Jack wasn't in shape or as good a shape. I think this is a non-factor I wasn't around when Jack was in his prime so I think it is very difficult to say.
  2. What does a brand mean to you?

    I am totally surprised, I think most responses have been rediculous. How can you put a label on brands that you've never even used? Nike, garbage,have you even tried them? Tiger and others don't use them JUST because they get paid to. I like some Nike clubs but not others. I like some Titleist clubs but not others and so on and so on. So you think Callaway sucks? Or Nike, or Cleveland? Is that because you read other peoples reviews or personal experience? What would happen if you tried them and loved them, would you not use them because of a precincieved notion.
  3. Woods in last pairing, anyone disturbed about this?

    Yeah, for some reason I just didn't realize that was the case, my mistake, that is a legit.
  4. If you look at the leader board Woods is listed in the third position behind Rose although they are both tied for 2nd. Eventhough they are both tied don't you think Rose should be in the last pairing? We all know that most of the Masters winners have been in the last pairing of the day and are they putting Woods in the last pairing because they want to make it more dramatic for TV? I don't know about most of you, but I am a little disturbed about this and think they should have been paired as the leader board shows. Seems they are trying to stick to tradition of the winner being the last pairing and putting Woods in it seems unfair and I am a Woods fan. I know that I may be just statistics but it is as much a mental game and I think this could favor Woods. Any thoughts on this? Am I making too much of an issue?
  5. Tiger and Phils Personal Relationship.

    Why? I think Nike is starting to come into their own more and more each year. Tiger + Nike = $100 Million over five years, thats why. And rest assured his clubs are not off the rack Nikes.
  6. Which putter do you use?

    Same here. Love it!
  7. Tiger and Phils Personal Relationship.

    My opinon is that I don't think that they don't like eachother but I think Phil has some jelousy because he was the boy wonder out of college and couldn't close the deal until many years later. I think Tiger felt that resentment when he was coming up winning all those tournaments.
  8. How do you keep score?

    I use the +1, -1, E etc. It does make it easier to add. If I was to play in a tournament then yes I write it the "correct" way to not get disqualified.
  9. Appropriate Tee Box

    I think it all depends. Some courses there isn't much of a difference 10 yards or so. If that is the case pick your color. There are the very nice courses that there is quit a difference where the black tees are on a whole other tee box in a different location, maybe not quite in line with the fairway, that is reserved for the more accomplighed players, e.g. not me!
  10. Disrespectful slow play..

    I don't like slow play either, BUT I have to say that unless it is deliberate I can't fault too many folks. There are people that are just learning how to play and they have to learn on the course and not just on the range, we've all been there. I am very tolerant to a point of course. I will say that I get totally annoyed at people I see messing around and hitting multiple balls on the same shot. One the other side of the coin I DON'T like to be pushed either. I am not a slow player however, there are days. If that is the case I will always try to let a two some or three some depending how good they are to play through. I've had people hit balls into me because they didn't like the pace that we were playing, this is disrespectful and dangerous and there is no place for this on the golf course.
  11. No importance for me at all. My bag actually looks kinda funny when I go to the course, there are so mannnny that have bags that looked like they are sponsored. Not that there is any problem with that but you can't tell me that every one of the same brand works for you better than others. My bag is Nike, Titleist, Orlimar, Cobra, Rife, Callaway, Cleveland and balls are either Precept U-tri tour, Maxfli Black max or Callaway HX tour. So as you can see I'm all over the place. I use, or try to, use what works for me. I love titleist irons and hate their drivers etc.etc. Oh yeah and an Ogio carry bag. For what it's worth.
  12. Caption This

    "Oh no,...if I can just sneak out of here without anyone seeing me, no one will see who stunk it up"...
  13. Tee Height

    I think I am of the minority to say that I like my ball tee'ed low. However, it does more depend on the driver. I have found (for me) that my Nike SQ likes it tee'ed low. I find that when I tee them higher I tend to get more side spin on the ball and slice it.
  14. Fairway wood suggestion?

    Yes, that is exactly my issue. When looking at both the Cleveland and Cobra I can see the issues that you mention. I've heard from reading some club reviews that the Cobra has issues off the fairway because of the deep head. That is why I am also considering the Callaway X.

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