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  1. a: Probably a new titleist hat q: what do you think of the new scotty cameron california series?
  2. so how much can you get the mp58 for and the new ap2?
  3. any courses with a lot of water and good scenary. I dont know why but water gives an adrenaline rush and makes golf like 3x more fun. if PGA issued a new rule saying that you are allowed to carry 13 clubs, which club would you take out?
  4. In the order of desire: 1) Scotty Cameron California Monterey Putter 33" 2) Depending on the performance: new laser milled CG15 56° and 60° 2 dot or Vokey spin mill 56°-11°b and 60°-7°b 3) fairway set 3 and 5 r9 stiff
  5. A: probably hank haney I love watching what he does with charles barkley Q: Would you rather play at pebble beach or augusta?
  6. balls, a jacket, tees, divot repair, quarters for ballmarking, towel, and some random score card and pencils
  7. haha sucks being a lefty. My brother is lefty and its almost impossible to find clubs for him.
  8. A: hm... i once had to play a 7 hour round because there was a high school tournament infront of me. It was so annoying... Q: If tiger and phil got into a physical fight, who would win and why?
  9. I love this guy! Yeah he may soon super hyper but he only has like 30 mins to answer like as many question as he can. I love watching the show, its funny.
  10. exactly how many inches is it from the tip of your longest finger to your wrist?
  11. from a wedge test done by golf magazine, vokeys spin more. But the CG has a higher launch angle and higher peak height. Its all you, i like both cleveland and vokey, but vokey bites more.
  12. according to mizuno you should be around +2 - 8 strokes
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