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  1. The core moves 1-2mph Medicine ball training is useless unless you have some sort of specific goal you NEED to accomplish
  2. Why would someone be upset if someone were talking about their game (or distance)??? Guys routinely brag about being able to score within 80 yards Possibly not on this forum, lol. I definitely know I’ve seen it here too tho
  3. My post is to address 90% of forum golfers. It seems people do not believe an avg guy can hit a 250 yard drive and 300yards is not attainable if you’re not on the PGA yet we’re surrounded by scratch golfers or better. That’s far from true and idiotic at best to believe such nonsense Long drivers who don’t care about score can at times carry the ball over 400 yards I don’t care what others think about my golf. Legit! I routinely get beat by guys I can outdrive by 60-100yards I’m just saying I’ve seen guys carry the ball close to or over 300yards a ton of times but have NEVER seen an avg Joe shoot better than par
  4. A 300 yard is relatively easy compared to making a single par for any given hole let alone making 1 out of 3 holes par or even more EXTREME 18 pars guys on here claim they’ve NEVER seen a 260 yard drive but claim to hit mediocre drives of 220yards but hit EVERY fairway and 90% of greens and nail EVERY shot inside 100 yards My point? It’s EASY for some guys to hit 300 yard drives It’s EXTREMELY difficult to score well on any given day and even more difficult to score day / day out PGA tour pros play 7,000 (-7,500 yards in extreme cases). Hitting 290-340 yards is needed to get to tight pins on fast greens
  5. I was ABSOFAWKINLUTELY CRUSHING the ball today 288yard driving avg over 14 drives measured accurately using GPS!!! That’s with not being able to hit a decent drive the entire front nine (longest drive was 275) AND less than ideal driving conditions on the course today, 12* C, and damp.. 5 yard roll, 8 yards MAX NOT sure why these internet trolls are always hating on 300 yard drives like they’re unheard of. Anything less than a 240yard carry is legit weak sauce, lol Realistically the game can be played at a decent level IF unatlhletic old or weak men can “only” hit 180-210 yards but play from the short tees What is it about a longer than avg hitter that bothers other golfers? Seriously! Does it bring about insecure masculinity? Inferiority? The counter posts are embarrassing NO lie! This game is a GREAT game and I’ve seen it played all different ways What I do see (on the internet) is that calling out long hitters and assuming a guy who actually CAN hit a 300yard drive (like it’s impossible???) should be on the tour collecting green jackets yet all you trolls claim to be hitting 220-250yard drives AND sticking 50-100yards within 10” EVERY fawking time Who’s the real BS’er? Im legit long off the tee but rarely avg 300+ off the tee per round but am routinely 80-100 yards further than my typical playing partner. THAT being said I’ve been outdriven by 30-60 yards “on avg” on rounds paired up with other golfers (some who LEGIT shoot single digits) Why the hate? Why? I’d like to know? And more so, why the bold claims on actually being able to score in an extremely difficult game? Seriously! Do people honestly believe if they negate the possibility of an avg athletic Joe a 300 yard drive it enables them to claim feats of less than 30 putts per round, 80% fairways hit, 70+ greens in regulation and proximity to hole inside 120 yards is 15’??? Lets be real
  6. That’s awesome Now that the weather is nicer I’d continue your speed training on the range coupled with hitting balls. You can add Dr Scholls white powder spray to the club face to see where you’re hitting JUST a suggestion.. don’t try to hit the center of the face. Just address the ball like normal and let the club get back to the ball naturally. The white powder spray will show you where you’re making contact. For me I have to align my clubface off center towards the toe about 3/4”. The centrifugal forces extend the club and I find the center this way without compensating This works for me and I get a smash factor close to 1.5 on avg
  7. You guys are an odd bunch, lol I am aware of speed training wether it’s specifically Super Speed or something “relative” ; long drivers who swing Overspeed Training shafts speak specifically about the serious potential for wrist injury I am a new member that was only offering a suggestion DON’T want it? I’m fine with that Start rambling on about how my suggestion is off topic and I have no idea what I’m talking about??? That’s just weird AF
  8. I’m not interested in starting a new thread about grip pressure . I just answered someone’s question within this thread about hurting their wrists during training, lol
  9. It’s definitely not off topic long drivers and speed trainers address potential for wrist injuries when working on gaining clubhead speed
  10. 145 yards. I feel confident whenever I’m 5 paces past the 150 yard mark
  11. 5 Techniques to Improve Grip Strength The hands are you only contact point to the club so it seems obvious that they are a key area...
  12. Just something I've read in relation to possible wrist injury when avg golfers start swinging in tour pro speed ranges that I shared with the guy asking about wrist pain when swinging aggressive. I'm not sure comparing a tour player vs a trained amateur power lifter has any relevance to what we're talking about like I said, just something I've read and NO expert. Feel free to add your input to the guy looking for advice tho
  13. Thank you I'll look to see if it makes sense to order here or elsewhere you didn't answer my question tho, lol. What kind of speed increases did you experience with your driver?
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