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  1. I have thought about a 3wood. The only thing is I'm already long enough for most courses. If i hit driver on par 5s i have a long iron or hybrid into a green nothing over 250 plus. And the GAPR 2 i have i can get that out to 250-260ish depending on conditions. I have thought about a possible 5 wood to get it higher in the air to drop down right on the green with less roll.
  2. lol yea i forgot to add my putter on that. I do carry a putter. I guess im looking for something to switch in the bag. Something possibly like a 3 wood or 5 wood. Just curious on how other would build thier sets.
  3. I want to start this journal to show some amateurs and people who are curious about how others prepare for tournament golf and playing at a high level. Day 1 4/18/19 Worked with instructor on flattening out the back swing by getting more bow in the right wrist(lefty golfer) and looking to get more depth in the lead arm. Lesson went good with visible improvement in the swing. Looking to also incorporate the depth in forearm and flatter swing into the iron shots as well. Lesson was one hour followed by 2 hours on the range with slow swings and a lot of practice swings focusing on the small fine details of the wrist. Building up to a more full swing with full speed. Ball flight has gone from less consistent fade or straight shots to a consistent sight fade. that is the desired shot i am looking to get nailed down. total range time 3 hours Day 2 4/19/19 Got up early before work decided to hit the range for more full swing work. starting with wedges and working up to 8 iron with new swing. Ball flight and distance control is looking really good. Video taken was showing more progress with the new swing change that has me on the right path. Full swing lasted about 45 mins the switch to various wedge shots for the last 15 mins before leaving. total time 1 hour Day 3 4/20/19 Another great morning session before work. This time starting with PW and working to 8 iron to start with. Then i would go up to the longer irons(4,5) and into the hybrids and driving iron. Working slow and deliberate on the practice swing before each club. Worked on that for about an hour. Then back to the wedges going from 30 yards up to 110. Working on picking a spot to hit and a side of the pin that i would like to be on. total time 1 hours 30 mins
  4. i currently am looking to fill the last void in my golf bag. here is what we have: M6 Driver-300 Gapr low 250-260 gapr high 230-240 p760's P-4 140-225 (all are 2 degrees strong) 52 degree 110-120 56 degree 95-105 60 degree up to 85 Trying to decide which club or set make up would be solid. All suggestion welcome.
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  6. thank you. I was a member before but never posted just snooped around. lol
  7. how is everyone, I'm Darren From palm desert, Ca. I will say life is rough out here with all the sun and perfect golf weather going on. I have been playing golf on and off for 20 plus years now. It came to a peak when i was getting beat by a coworker and took some lessons to get better. That turned into me changing career paths and getting into the golf industry. I have been working in the golf industry for over 4 years now and couldn't be happier. I am in the PGA program to get my class A. Teaching and coaching beginners is one thing i love the most. I want beginners to start out with the correct mechanics and enjoy golf to be able to have a more rewarding and fun experience while learning the game. Short game is also one of my great passions to be able to teach players. Nothing better than to take some one and show them how simple putting and chipping really can be.
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