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  1. Hahaha yea when I was writing it I definitely could see it coming off arrogant but took the shot anyways. But just for clarification it was not meant to be arrogant, bragging just didn’t wanna leave anything out. At the time I played the tournament I was about a 16 handicap but yea I’m not trying to go in Tour just testing the waters really. Goal is to be a scratch golfer by the end of the year. Completely new to this forum/golf so forgive me if I came off like a dueche, wasn’t my intention.
  2. No wife or kids yet but I live with my girlfriend/soon to be fiance and yea she doesn't really mind the schedule at all. She respects that it's a tough schedule to stay consistent with and she's up with me every morning putting in the work as well. I also did not mention that my current job has a little bit more freedom than normal jobs as I was lucky enough to get a management position with a smaller company. I worked 3 years in a corporate setting as an ag commodities trader in various locations like NYC, St Louis, Omaha, and Seattle with very limited freedom and a lot of high stress hours and golf was only seasonal but now that golf is year round in Southern California I'm able to devote more time to it.
  3. I'm going to see if I can become a decent amateur golfer and compete in Mid-Ams. The workload really doesn't scare me as I've worked hard my entire life. Current schedule right now is: 4:30am: Wake up 5am - 6am: Explosive Workout/High intensity cardio 6:30am - 5pm: Work 5:30pm - 7pm: Practice 7 - 9pm: Family time then repeat all over again So I'll see if I can become a scratch golfer by this time next year and see if I can qualify for the US Mid-Am Championship. If I do and I perform relatively well, Ill think about putting in more work but that schedule isn't really a lot of work load for myself. I can push myself much harder because I realize that you can negotiate with your future self if you give your future self what they are asking for today such as put in the work and ignore all the bullsh*t. It's not like I'm heavily relying on all of your opinions but it is nice to look at the situation with transparency.
  4. Hey everyone, first post here, I am trying to seek advice on whether I should actually give golf a serious try. I'm 5'11 195lbs, 25 years old and played baseball my entire life. I began working on my golf game about 9 months ago, took a 2 month break in between that time, and have seen my handicap drop from 25+ (high 90s/low 100s) to 7.5 as of recent. I play about 45 holes a week, my club head speed is about 118-122mph and I usually care my driver consistently 288-297. I started working on my short game pretty heavily and now getting up and down is normal, putting still needs a lot of work. I've always been a pretty high caliber athlete as I've played against/with some of the best baseball players of my age. I've always been around golf my entire life but never had any lessons and the only teachings that I've received are from numerous golf social media accounts. It wasn't until 9 months ago I bought some custom fitted irons/driver/woods. I graduated from a top tier university and have an amazing job right now and consider myself at least somewhat successful for my age. I think pretty much every round of golf I play its just with me and a couple other of my buddies but we aren't ever playing serious and are always drinking. I played in my first tournament about 2 months ago and got runner up in my flight which consisted of 10-15 handicap players. My question is, should I cut all the dumb stuff and start taking the game seriously since I found a flash of talent or continue to enjoy it? I have always been a highly competitive person, and pretty disciplined, so what should I do, what are your opinions?
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