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  1. Yes, I do realize that five wedges is a lot. The PW(45) and UW (50) came with my iron set. I'm not sure what type of long club I should get though, my longest two clubs not including my driver are my 3 wood and 4 iron. In the last two weeks I was 253 and 273 from the center of the green on two different par 5s and reached a yard or two short of the fringe on both. Quite inconsistent. My 4 iron usually goes 200 or so but I guess if I strike it well and hit a slight draw, it has gone like 220 before. So do you think hybrid or like a 2 or 3 iron?
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  3. I have not came up with accurate distances for any of my clubs this season and the question of how far other people hit their clubs popped in my head. I have some very inconsistent results at times. I always have felt as if my wedges go too high and not far enough, although I'm ensuring I don't increase or decrease the loft at address. Today, I found myself short of the green at 100 yards with my 56 degree wedge. Currently in my bag I have a 60 degree, 56 degree, 52 degree, 50 degree (Ping G utility wedge), and a 45 degree (Ping G Pitching wedge). Before, I had it set in my mind tha
  4. As a new golf season rolls around, one may have gained muscle through work in the gym or improvements in form. On the other hand, some may have lost muscle and technique over the long winter. Regardless of which end of the totem pole you reside, an important question is posed when the golf season begins: How far is the ball going to go with this club? As for me, I have gained a little bit of muscle and improved my swing greatly. Now, I'm unsure how far I hit some of my clubs. I have numbers set in my head, but sometimes the results on the course don't match up. In the past, my 4 iron has
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