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  1. My 52° = 80 yds My 56° = 60 yds My 58° = 50 yds there not come out of your shoes clubs, they are finesse clubs so choking down, opening or closing the face, Lie, wind, etc... and lots more other factors as well. Wedges or more of a unique to the individual and situation club
  2. Hit me up on email and we can share contact info and go play sometime Ammoguy123@yahoo.com
  3. Charleston area I’m Looking for someone or a group of golfers that like to get together and play. I play with a large group out of Myrtle Beach but it’s too far to drive now that I live here to see them guys very often. We were always playing points, wolf, round robin etc... just looking to have a good time. Not a hacker but not a pro. Let me know if you have a group that is looking to take someone in new to the area. Marine Corps veteran and former police officer. I’m off every Wednesday and Sunday.
  4. Scubasteve


  5. Just moved here as well. No partners here. Not a stud but not a hacker. Looking to play with someone on some local courses I’m off most Wednesday’s and Sundays
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