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  1. Lol to all the responses. Thought about taking the chipper and throwing a 4H or my 64° wedge in there, but despite the joke of it, it is still a decent utility club when you're chipping off the fringe.
  2. In the last few weeks, I've taken into account the comments on the thread. I have taken a closer look at the tools at my disposal, played some rounds with varying clubs, began to really focus on my lofts and keeping my gaps close and now my bag consists of my Driver, 3W, 21° 3H, 26° 5H, 6-9i, 48° PW, 52° AW, 56° SW, 60° LW, XAct chipper, and my putter. I feel this keeps my gaps close while still allowing me to stay within the 14 club limit and keep my chipper which has become an awesome tool for me around the green. I have found that this combination of clubs has yielded my best scores yet. I really appreciate the feedback!
  3. I currently have a Callaway Fusion driver with a Recoil ES shaft and a GBB Epic SZ with a Speeder Evolution II shaft. Can I switch the shafts out on the driver heads?
  4. Stiff flex rifle shafts look in good shape. Grips are shot and need replacing though. Dont hate the fusions, they're ok, just heard that the X12 pros were an amazing set and thought I'd grab them when I had the chance.
  5. Came across a 3-PW set of these for next to nothing. A member of my church says they are the irons he still swears by despite the fact they are over 20 years old. My question is, should I drop $50 on a set of these or stick with my fusion iron set? I've seen others mention this being a great set despite its age, but I'd like to get a current opinion. Would I be wasting my money?
  6. I've got 13 clubs in my bag right now - Driver, 3W, 3H, 5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, 56degree wedge, 60degree wedge, my XAct chipper, and my putter. My options for the 14th club is a 5W, 5H, 4i, or a 64degree wedge. Which club would you go with?
  7. I just acquired a used Odyssey X Act 37* Tank Chipper. A friend of mine told me about it and I picked one up on Ebay a month or so ago. That club is awesome! It's a design from Roger Cleveland and its genius. I have always had a better than decent short game, but man o man does this baby rock off the fringe. I've sunk more chips from 20-25' out than I've ever had before. There's just something about the wide face and the grooved putter insert on it. I've never had this much control on a chip before. The super stroke grip and putter-esque design of it seems a bit off at first, but once you use it and see how effortless it is, you'll be amazed. I find myself getting more excited to try 20' fringe shots than 7 or 8' putts- all because of this club. It's never going to leave my posession.
  8. I guess the oldest club I have is my Callaway BB 3H Heavenwood hybrid club. I love it though and itll never leave my bag.
  9. Hey everybody! I'm a former avid golfer who hasn't swung a club for nearly 20 years. I was a mid/high handicapper when I last played regularly, playing with old equipment that I rummaged together from yard sales and the like. Then fatherhood became my focus and I dumped the clubs and now 5 kids later, friends of mine who golf regularly are prodding me to return to the game. Took some swings at the local range with a crappy house driver and I am incredibly off my game. Not totally blaming the club as my once decent swing has hiccups all over it. That's when I realized something...for once, I could actually afford some decent clubs. Still not willing to drop $1800 on a set of irons and woods, but I was able to cobble together a damn fine set (in my honest opinion). I got myself a Callaway GBB Epic SZ driver, a Callaway BB Fusion 3 wood and 5 wood, a BB Heavenwood 3H, a set of Callaway BB Fusion irons (4-PW), a set of Mack Daddy 2 wedges (52, 56, 60), and finally an Odyssey Versa O Works two ball putter (the first club I've ever purchased brand new!!). Was able to get all that plus a very nice Callaway Staff bag for less than $800. (I'm a Callaway fan if you couldnt tell, lol). I'm super excited to get back into the game with better clubs and see if I can elevate myself past where I was when I last played!!
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