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  1. Here is the best I can do. The quality is pretty bad. I got a nicer camera recently and will have better vids if the weather in Ohio ever gets better!
  2. Added video of my swing so people can see what we have to work with.
  3. So, I am pretty much a gimp due to a spinal cord surgery and two serious car accidents. In all three cases, my neck took the brunt of the abuse and my pain management doc tells me I have the neck of a 90 year old. I want to get away from my lift and flip golf swing, which I can repeat, but limits distance. I also have at least 8 brain tumors, two remaining spinal cord tumors and countless more throughout my body. My gimp-ness makes it very hard for me to extend my arms and turn in the back swing, which is the one of the reasons for the flip. Without a good turn back, I don't make
  4. This was Turnberry in Pickerington and is part of the Columbus local muni system. The reason I hesitated in naming the course is other than the one marshal who saw the guy hit into me, the rest handled the situation pretty well. I will play there again. As someone mentioned, usually the people in Central Ohio are very nice and I see this as unusual behavior. My wife graduates nursing school in 10 months and when she does we are going to join a local "golf club." Until she graduates, money is tight so the local muni courses is where I need to play. Thanks everyone for the comments and tho
  5. Thanks - I did complain about it in the clubhouse. They did give me a rain check, but how do I know that loony tunes guy won't be out there again? Probably just give it to my neighbor's kids since he plays out there all the time.
  6. And you will be waiting until the third Sunday after St. Smithen's Day. I played with a guy in a charity best ball outing that hit three drives over 300 yards - confirmed with a GPS. He had a HORRIBLE swing, but was big and when he made contact the ball went forever. It helped that it was dry and hard, but he simply hammered the ball. The rest of his drives were dribblers, tops and huge slices. Never, ever had I played with a guy that could, every so often, just powder the ball. Myself, I am about a 13-15 handicap and hit it 220-230 on average. Until I got the GPS, I thought my average
  7. Today I didn't have to work and my wife took the kids to my sister-in-law's pool. So I took advantage of the after 5pm deal at the local muni. As I am playing, a pretty big guy is behind me - which wasn't really an issue. He was walking, I was in a cart (my gimpness means I can't walk). I am a full hole ahead, on the fourth tee while he is on the third. He waved me over and thinking I dropped something, I went back to see what he needed. When I got within shouting distance, he starts yelling at me about cutting in front of him. No idea what he was thinking. He proceeded to not putt out on
  8. I really, really, really want my next set to be blades. But, neck, arm and hand problems make any "stingers" a serious problem so most likely another set of game improvement irons is in my future. Maybe a set of Diablo forged, or something like that. Mizuno MP-57s or Callaway X forged might be the most aggressive I can be with my clubs in trying to get a blade. At time it gets me down. Then I realize most of the pros don't use full blades and it makes me feel better. IF we are honest, most of us shouldn't be using blades based on our games. However, everyone has the right to use what they wa
  9. One time in my hometown of Cicero, IL, a bar fight ended up in the parking lot where I was standing with a couple of friend. One of the combatants pulled a putter from his car trunk and embedded it in the head of his adversary. The victim staggered away with the putter firmly stuck in his melon. Never seen it happen on the golf course.
  10. I currently live in Ohio, but will never admit to being an Ohioan. Instead, I am a Chicagoan trapped in Columbus, Ohio! Welcome to the forum. It's one of the better golf meeting places online.
  11. If you like it, then enjoy! Personally, I think it looks pretty cool. I have the black pearl Cleveland wedges and might try it.
  12. Go to the forum actions section drop down your will find toward the top of the page, choose the edit profile option. When that page opens, on the left hand side you will see edit signature. That is where people are filling in what is in their bag. Welcome, and enjoy.
  13. During a recent round a player in my foursome hit a his third shot, which is a blind approach, to the right of the green on a par 5. Along the right side of the green is a small creek and a low spot not visible from the fairway, or from the cart path. After he hit the shot, I commented it might be in the creek and he assured me it was over the green. There was NO way the ball was long, it was clearly either in the creek, or near it. Well, the cheater was in the other cart and has I drove around behind the green to my ball, he was standing next to a ball I assumed was mine. That is until he
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