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  1. I love walking, it's my main form of exercise these days. Unless the course mandates one I much prefer to use my push cart. I usually play with my sons and neither likes riding. One uses a pull cart, the other carries because that what he had to do as a high school player and he never broke that habit. I had a very basic three point one for years and finally invested in a better one, a Caddy Tec last year. Even though I'm more of a range rat than 18-hole-player these days I still use my cart to haul my clubs. It's a long way from the parking lot to the driving range at my local goat track. 🙄
  2. I'll admit to being a 'fair weather' golfer. I'm not going out there in rain or snow (not that there is much snow in Houston anyway). But cold and windy is fine. One of my favorite traditions was playing a local Par 3 with my two sons on the first sunny day of Christmas break. We had some freezing temps thru the years but we never failed to have fun. My boys are out in the world now with their own families and that Par 3 is gone but I have some great memories of those times. I guess I should have answered the original question rather than wax philosophical.... I was a Special Olympics golf partner for several years. One tournament held in College Station came after several days of torrential rain. and the course was VERY waterlogged. Playing with wet, cold feet and hitting out of muddy fairways was pretty miserable.
  3. I voted for Byron Nelson. And immediately decided I was wrong. If I could re-do my vote I'd go with Hogan. But, I don't think there is a clearcut #3.
  4. Saturday tradition Spicy Miso and a Sapporo
  5. Dylan, lots of Dylan https://youtu.be/QKcNyMBw818
  6. Babe Ruth League baseball...once hit two homers in an inning, one being a grand slam off Jim Bouton's cousin (or nephew, I can't remember which). That was the harmonic convergence of my baseball career since I think I only hit two others in three seasons in that league. Wrestling...won region and made it to the NJ state tournament twice, as sophomore and senior, at two different schools. Lost on points both times in my first match. And finally (and this is the one I'm most proud of) I've won my forty-year-old fantasy football league title five times. 😄
  7. My goal is pretty simple..spend more time hitting golf balls. I suffer from sun sensitivity which has progressively gotten worse over the years and really puts a crimp in my time on the course. Nowadays I just try to get out early or late to the range and hit a bucket, play around in the practice traps or on the practice green. If I can get out there a couple of times a week this year I'll be happy.
  8. I've always held out for Jack in these discussions but I will admit that yesterday's win by Tiger is forcing me to re-think this. ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯
  9. I'll have a few beers a week on average (NE-style IPAs, thank you very much) and occasionally we will break open a bottle of wine with dinner. I'm also a fan of Maker's 46 and ginger ale.
  10. commishbob

    NHL 2018-19

    The Columbus-TB series really has taken me by surprise (and many other folks as well I'm sure). CBJ has really ramped it up and the Bolts look almost resigned to getting swept. Playoff hockey is just the best.
  11. commishbob

    Hockey Fans

    Of course! Had to share the bowl tho...wanted a Cup. 😃 Oh..I had to explain these to my brother who doesn't know hockey.
  12. commishbob

    Hockey Fans

    I guess I can bump this. I've been a NY Rangers fan since my father took me to my first game in 1960 at the OLD Madison Square Garden. Hasn't been a good year to be me...went to see them in NYC in October and in Dallas in March. Results...1 goal and 2 losses. This pic was in a Jersey deli I visited last month. 🙄
  13. Retired teacher and coach. Was with my school for nearly 30 years. Prior to that, I had a business that provided services to airlines in Houston (couriers, lost luggage delivery, skycaps). Prior to that, I worked for the dearly departed Houston Post.
  14. Srixon Soft because: I'm a high handicapper, slow swing speed, cheap.
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