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  1. commishbob

    NHL 2018-19

    They are the one Original Six team I have a hard time rooting for after my Rangers bow out (or not make it in this case LOL). Honestly, after the ridiculous ending to the Sharks-Blues Game 3 the other night it's hard to even want to commit another evening to watching hockey. I have always enjoyed the playoffs but to spend three+ hours watching a game only to have it end with an awful non-call in OT...? jeez. they have the technology to get things right, especially in a crucial playoff game. Just pathetic look for the NHL. But not a surprising one.
  2. From one old but enthusiastic golfer to another...Welcome!
  3. I played one regularly in west Houston, the Bear Creek Challenger course. It was a par 66, 5000 yards give or take. It was the host course for the regional Special Olympics tournament when I was a SO golf partner. Lots of great memories. Hurricane Harvey had it (deep!) underwater and it has not re-opened (at least the last time I checked).
  4. Ha! I had that #805 beer pic ready to go. 😁
  5. There is a huge cricket grounds going up just northwest of Houston. 86 acres, 10 to 12 fields supposedly. Hard to believe there is that much demand, even in a city with such a diverse population.
  6. My every day is a Peach Putter, It's a flow neck and I think it's officially a P2 but I could be wrong. It was a gift from the widow of a friend who had passed away. I'd used it a few times and liked it. I really didn't know much about TM and his work until I came across that putter in my friend's bag. I also have one just like it without the Peach insignia, just his name near the heel. And a TM/Maxfli TM-8. I bought them all used. One of these days I'm going to call and get one made. I guess my 'I collect these things.' comment was misleading. LOL I meant putters in general. I've managed to rid myself of most of the clubs I'd accumulated over the years but I can't bear to discard a putter. I have two old golf bags full of them. My wife claims they breed in my workshop. 😯
  7. My bag is mostly components. clubs I built. Driver: Integra w/Aldila NVS shaft Hybrids and Irons: Dynacraft w/Aldila and Dynamic Gold shafts Putter: Tad Moore (At least for now. I collect these things but none of them work right.)
  8. edited because the original pic had several other numbers
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