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  1. Hi, This is my second topic on this wonderful forum. The bags new PXG 1 iron head (driving iron) just arrived and needs a shaft. Any ideas? Requirements: X-stiff/x100 Mid-high launch Same for 1 iron, spoon and driver 47"48" driver shaft, 45"46" spoon, 41"42" 1 iron (PS: Current 681 2 iron is 41" and therefore above specs are requested Thank you in advance! Cheers Br, Vega
  2. Does anyone know how many ours these tgings are active?
  3. Time to settle the argument! Everything below 12. Then you can have fun and have game, at the same time understand why it's happening. Above ot's more too my experience one or the other! 10ers ie from my time on the course can flip their focus easier than a 15 hcper:)
  4. I predicted his victory in the Masters! Just like I did the last 10 Masters!
  5. Simple rule that worked for me Grip it and Rip it! Then a 1 putt
  6. Tiger Woods is the greatest! Sure Jack Nicklaus has the majors but TW got the game alongside more PGAs. Though kudos to Nicklaus for playing during the cold war!
  7. Happy times today! Decided that the 2 iron will stay in the bag!
  8. Used Pro V1x! Shredding the greens for half the cost!
  9. Cheers mate for your answer!:) Since you're not playing as much I understand where you're coming from! The hybrids used to be a weapon, though as of late they aren't as fun as they used to be for me. Thus the long iron vs driving iron 🙂 Nice, but the hybrid is not my weapon anymore. Good point on the puttchipping in the rough +1! 😄 the 3 wood Callaway XR Pro works wonders for that. Love this one. It's like we are the same, hehe. Interesting arguments for the 2 iron! As a little update I were on the course and range with a Trackman machine today and concluded that the long iron is the choice for Vega! Let me explain: I don't really do much of the stats and numbers since guts and feel comes first for me (heck, sometimes a half 4 iron from 170 yards is the gun of choice just because it feels right. Sounds weird but it works!;)). Anyways, since the Trackman was there we looked at the stats even thought it's not my first choice. Only to settle my internal disputes sometimes! The Driving 2i went 265 on average with a Graphite shaft. Driving 3 only a few yards shorter with steel TP DG X100. Now for the fun part which gave me the conclusion that a weak 2i was the answer. It clocked in at 256 average, 2 degrees weak somehow ended up at 258 (guess the airtime has more effect than previously thought:P). So the weak 2 iron is the choice. BUT a new configuration depending on course, ie a short Park course does not need the 2 iron. There an 19 degree fairway will be added to the setup. Cheers Vega
  10. Vega


  11. Hi, hope this post finds you well! I'm new to this forum and my enjoyment is great after reading other peoples thoughts and posts. Now on to my question: What do you use, a driving iron or 2 iron? Currently I'm using 2-Pithing Wedge irons with low amount of offset (offset is my enemy and the look of it makes me sick! ;))! Last couple of weeks I've noticed that the 3 iron is never used and therefore removing it from the bag. To combat this loss for the few times it's needed my 2 iron will be weak lofted 2 degrees, or I'm getting a driving iron #3. At the moment a 23° driving iron goes the same distance as the long iron. What are your thoughts? Cheers, Vega PS: How do I add Whats in the bag in my signature?
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