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  1. What are your thoughts on the Sports Gold package since it's move from PGA live; worth the money? Better options out there?
  2. So true. Can't believe they wouldn't give Cole a shot seeing its game 7.....but what would sports be without some good ol Monday morn qb'in? Agree with this 100%. Grienke pitched a hell of a game. But as i said before, great WS!
  3. Really great World Series with Nats having such a great run. Both teams stats were almost even at beginning of game 7. I disagreed with not bringing in Cole after Grienke got pulled last night. Nats put Corbin in to finish out the game as a typical starter and had Hou done the same it may have been different. Either way, Nats strategy works and Hou doesn't. Post season MLB was awesome this year!
  4. My wife and i are tired of dealing with satellite company and inconsistent pricing. So we will soon be adding ESPN+ (and Disney for the kiddos) to our montly streaming use but i wanted to check in and see what everyone is using to stream PGA events and your reviews. I usually like watching the last event on Monday when the course is closed....
  5. ALong17 had a similar start as you with my pro. He thought my swing was pretty good so focused on strengthening my grip too. Next lesson was for chipping as i didn't have that technique down at all. Recently went thru an iron fitting and found stiffer clubs will help with consistency so I'm chomping at the bit to get these here....xmas may be more realistic. Since I've taken a few videos and realize i could use a stiffer flex, I've really been focusing on a slower take away and slow/smooth transition when beginning my downswing. It's really helped with my consistency with existing clubs AND during my fitting. Clubhead speed stayed within 1 mph during my 2 hr fitting. Just thought I'd share those slow down thoughts in case its something that helps you as well. GL on the new clubs.
  6. I am beginning this journey too. For years i played 2-3 times a year due to busy work schedule. My dad gave me an old set of his clubs and they've always got me by for the scrambles or occasional rounds. Last year my wife and i moved into our 1st home built together in a golf community. With the course across the street and some flexibility in my schedule as a rotator, I've started working on my game. LOTS of practice to build a swing between the 2 or 3 weeks I'm gone has some challenges. Our PGA pro sold me a package deal on lessons in which I've had 2 and waiting to take the last one next week. Now that i have a repeatable and somewhat consistent swing (believe me I've asked a number of fellow players to verify), I've had 2 different fitting sessions using Trackman; one for wedges and one for irons. Needed a MUCH stiffer shaft for all the clubs which should help my game. Placing orders today hopefully! I've done so much reading and watched so many videos i feel confident that this scenario is a good recipe for some. 1) Get a decent set of clubs; trainers, hand-me-downs or loaners from a fellow golfer. 2) Practice, practice, practice. 3) Lessons are a must to determine your weaknesses or focus areas to improve. Focus on one item at a time and don't get overwhelmed. 4) Get fit for whatever clubs you need to replace or a full set. Mine will be irons/wedges. Next will be woods and possible driver (once that CC cools off). Golf can be a great outlet to meet people and enjoy the challenge of sport no matter your age. Now that I've been bit by the golf bug, I'll try to pay if forward for people interested in the game when the opportunity arises.
  7. Thanks for the comments. Ill order standard and send back to PING for any mods that show long-term needs.
  8. Full disclosure this is my 1st set of clubs fit to my swing. Im fairly new to consistently playing golf but now after a few lessons and plenty of practice have a fairly consistent swing. So i had an iron/wedge fitting done yesterday outside on grass and landed on I210s w/ KBS stiff shafts (tried T100/200, CF19, Epic, JPX 919 and I500 same day). Both the DG 120 and Project X were sp8nning too much. The fitter also recommended the following: 1) -1/2" shaft length. This has to do more with a small adjustment on the lie angle. Tape showed me center but slight toe action. My miss is left and ball flight starts a little left. His recommendation was to choke down and all balls went straight. 2) 1 degree strong from standard loft. 7 iron would carry 168 with club head speed of 91 (if i remember correctly), ball speed 122 and 95 ft at apex. This may have been an adjustment to lower spin with shorter shaft.... I'm thinking about ordering these clubs standard length and loft to feel them out. In case there is small improvemwnt to my swing vs cutting length. I'd also just choke the club to test on the course a while before cutting the shaft. Lastly, although these are cast clubs and not forged I've also heard they are a little hard to bend the lofts/lies. I would guess a good club shop could bend these 1 degree at some time later, correct? I'm guessing if this is true, it has something to do with the metallurgy. Appreciate the feedback to help my decision!
  9. slprrex


  10. FunkyDionysus I'm in a VERY similar situation, in fact have the same driver (in a 9.5). I just started playing consistently this season and I've taken 3 lessons which have allowed me to get both a more consistent swing and advice from my pro. He suggested continuing lessons for a few more pointers but feels a fitting with whatever clubs would help identify at least the shafts I need; stiff or x-stiff. Lessons have been 1) 1st general look (posture was the real first finding), 2) driving setup and swing, 3) irons - he changed my grip to strong from nuetral/weak; next will be a combo chip/pitch/putting. One of my neighbors was kind enough to give me his entire set of TM R11s and I've been very happy with them thus far. I snapped the driver shaft on the 2nd round forcing me to put a stock stiff in. Although they are older than the current "new" clubs, the R11s have been more forgiving and longer to help my game. A full set of used R11s are pretty reasonable from what I've seen. Lastly, my pro suggested upgrading a driver 1st. Namely because the tech is more forgiving than the 580 and the confidence you get from a drive down the fairway. Hitting the R11 vs the 580 is really a night and day difference for me. Timing has to be spot on with my old driver. Here's my current upgrade club strategy as my funds become available. Driver - or fitted shaft Wedges (playing with most of my old ones now) Shafts for woods (if needed) Maybe a little wordy but hope this helps from a similar golf direction.
  11. I'll start out by saying I have taken a 2-3 lessons with our club pro and my swing has improved vastly and I feel it is pretty consistent. Started last yr as a 17.8 hc and currently at a 13.2. Partly to blame is my schedule; working 14 days and home for 14 days creates some rust every month.... A neighbor of mine offered his entire set of R11s if I liked them; if not simply return them. So I've played 2 rounds with them and I hit them better than my clubs. Especially the driver which seems to have solved a lot of my misses. Well on the 1st tee of the 3rd round, the shaft of the driver broke near the head. I'm wondering if I should look at getting fitted for a custom shaft that I could use in a newer head when I'm ready (probably next year). Knowing the head adapter for this R11 isn't the same as newer drivers, can this be changed out for a new adapter when the time comes? Another option I'm considering is looking at a previous gen newer driver or slightly used driver to keep my budget in line. Truth is, I'm looking to slowly upgrade my clubs as I can afford to while continuing to take a few lessons.
  12. I've been interlocking for some time now which certainly seems to be an advantage for me. Over the last month I've decreased the severity of angle(assuming I'm explaining this correctly) and decreased my grip pressure to minimize my soreness to near zero. Small adjustments making my shots a lot more confident. Now onto the next change in my swing from my pro....😞
  13. East Texas. I live just south of Tyler, town is Bullard. We live in a golf community called Eagle's Bluff.
  14. Having similar issues here zippo. Had my 2nd lesson with our pro and he suggest strengthening my left. I've felt very awkward with this and a little sore on my leading wrist after a round. Performance wise, MUCH better striking with irons last 2 rounds since the lesson. More carry with all clubs (especially 3W and rescue) and my about to turn is almost instantly solved. Other issue I'm having is periodic pulling my driver bad. Worked a little on the ranger earlier which I worked most of it out. Anyone else notice soreness with changing grip?
  15. Hello all. I'm getting into a norm playing routine since we built our house last year in a golf community. I've really enjoyed jumping in my cart and hitting the range or course. The convenience has pushed me to apply myself in learning to improve. Additionally I rotate for a living (gone 14 days and home 14 days atm), which requires I knock the rust off when I get home. Getting a few lessons, which I've never taken any before, seem to be the best for my game at the point. Ive got plenty of upgrades needed with my off and on again game, most of which is 15 yr hand me down stuff. Spouse approval useful for a long and happy household.... Really looking forward to being a part of the community instead of peering thru the virtual bushes on occasional browsing.
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