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  1. Thanks guys, I will talk to our club pro and go from there. Rod
  2. I’ve been playing golf for 40 years but more regular in the last 15 years. I’m now 60. I’ve never had control of my shot making both irons or woods. I’ve never really worked at my game but just played whenever I got the chance. The last 10 yrs I have belonged to a club and I play every Saturday and Sunday with a regular group. We have 12 to 16 players with handicaps from 2 to 20. My handicap was 14.3 but with the new system I am a 12.6. There are days that I will shot an 80 and the next day a 95. I count every shot and I play the balll as it lies. My game has gotten a little better over the last year. Now I want to take a step to really better my game. In an effort to improve I have purchased a sky track unit. Built a golf simulator and I am now ready to practice to improve. My question is what is the best way to go forward? Where do I start. My swing is not terrible but I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement. My goal is to become a single digit handicap that plays consistent golf each time out. If I would regularly hit the ball straight instead of one time left and one time right I think that would be a realistic goal. I know some would say where are your bad shots usually at. Truth is they can be anywhere on the course. Some tee shots are good but some go right and some go left. Normal drives are 210-220. When I hit them bad I usually fade the ball to the right but the course I play is tree lined so I’m in trouble. There are 2 holes that I consistently pull the ball to the left to get in trouble. I also have consistent issues with irons. I hit a 7 iron about 140 yards. My 5 iron would be in the 155-160 area. Again as with my woods I can push them right or pull them left. This inconsistency is where I would like to start and I’m sure it is somewhere in my swing. Here’s what I am looking for. Where do I start? How do I know who’s swing theory is the right one for me. What practice methods should I be leaning to? Thanks, Rod
  3. Each year I get off to a terrible start and my handicap usually goes up 1 or 2 strokes before I get my game together. This year my goal is to start off scoring better and to drop my handicap from a 12.4 to a 9.9 or better by years end. In order for this to happen I must become a better ball striker on a more consistent basis. I have built an indoor practice area in my shed and plan on practicing at least 4 or 5 times a week. I am considering purchasing a sky trak to get a good indication of what is happening in my swing. Rodney
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