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  1. Well I guess it’s time for me to pull the pin on this site. Thanks to those that took the time and actually responded to the inquiry. As some have probably figured out, I don’t know all the rules. If you do (not think, but actually know ALL the rules), that’s amazing, congrats. The golf was amazing. It was a thrilling conclusion. Much more exciting than years past (as I recall). To those that either diverted or just wanted to add commentary (something about divots, photo above still don’t know what trolling or OP are - probably negative though), it added no value. I think I need an audience that’s a little more mature.
  2. Thank you Russ! Finally ..... a thoughtful, well constructed reply. I agree with everything you said. I just didn’t know if there could be repercussions. Again, thanks for the informative reply. tough crowd
  3. I stand corrected. I always seemed to think it was lie improvement. Ok thanks. Littering is clearly not the same as building a stance. And quite obviously not the same as improving your lie. The point I was trying to make was that not everyone knows all the rules. Do you think Craig Stadler would have used the towel had he been aware of the repercussions? Why ‘couldn’t it have been’? There are special rules for specific situations, tournaments and clubs.
  4. I’d like to bring you back to a time when a player put down a towel because he had to play his ball from under a tree and didn’t want to get his pants dirty. I believe he was disqualified because he didn’t realize that the towel meant he ‘improved’ his lie and signed an incorrect card. Basically.....rules are rules and I was just curious. There are so many outdated and odd rules. Not everyone is aware of every rule and this could have been one .... You seriously don’t think that littering is disrespecting the course? I think you are just pulling my leg now. What do you think would happen if a member at Augusta National threw a wad of napkins (don’t worry, they’re biodegradable) on the first tee? My guess is that you would feel that wouldn’t be acceptable because it’s in plain sight. Sounds like optics are more important than integrity.
  5. Not sure why my first couple of attempts didn’t go through, sorry if they did somewhere. I’m just not seeing them. Not it a Tiger hater. He has done so much for the game and will probably go down as the greatest golfer of all time. What’s to hate? Don't know what trolling is. I thought this site had more insightful members. How do I change the title back? So of the comments I read, I do agree that most people would do something similar, but then again we are not playing for the same stakes (or keeping the same rigour in counting strokes). As far as the comment about it doesn’t matter because nobody saw it anyway....wow. So it would be ok for him to give it the old ‘handwedge’ from the other side of the bushes because nobody else could see over there? Integrity.
  6. Tusher


  7. Is there a penalty at The Masters for disrespecting the course (shouldn’t there be?)? Tiger was in plain view on the 13th tee (I believe) when he took his gum out of his mouth and chucked it in the bush (presumably as we didn’t get to see where it went). Pretty darn disrespectful to the course, the tournament, the patrons the other players and everyone involved. Regards, Tusher
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