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  1. I agree with checking ball position. It could just be the angle of the video, but it does look like you have the ball back of center, which is a bit far back for an 8 iron. If so, I'd address that. You can take two alignment sticks or golf clubs, make a "T" with them, and then put a golf ball in line with intersection of the "T". Then take your stance parallel to the top of the "T", using the perpendicular part to better see where the ball position is. Can you post a down the line view of your swing? It looks like your arms are very stiff and straight which makes me think you're reaching for the ball at address. This is a good way to cause inconsistencies because on the downswing you have to get your arms back into this unnatural position. It will also cause a loss of power because it's essentially throwing your arms out and away from the body which is counter to where all the power is. You may not be, but a video looking down the line will help determine that. I don't see any problem with your hips sliding. Your foot, knee and left hip look like they line up nicely to me actually. Your upper body looks to be an issue however and you're definitely loosing the angle pretty quick, as in you're casting/early flipping. I can see your head and shoulders are moving really far forward in the downswing. This causes an angle that's too steep to hit the ball so the reaction is to cast/flip the club to dump that angle. It's a massive power loss. So I would say look for some drills to address your head moving forward in the downswing. Look at the swings of pros, they all have their head behind the ball at impact with little to no forward head movement. It's actually more common for the head to move slightly reverse/back in the downswing. Anyway, those are my thoughts. If you post a down the line video I'll give you a few more.
  2. I’m not a swing coach so take what I say with that in mind. I’m sure you’ll get more informed replies later on. If your ball flight miss is usually a push/push-slice, it’s good to know this means you’re leaving the club face open at impact in regard to your target line. If you don’t know about the ball flight laws, do some quick research (or see the photo I’ve attached), if you do know about it, I find it helps me to apply those principles when diagnosing problems in my swing. That being said, your swing looks pretty solid to me and you have a nice weight transfer at the start of the downswing. A couples things I would focus on if I were you: 1. Pre-swing things first... your grip looks fine, a bit strong but lots of great players have a strong grip so I wouldn’t worry about it at all. I’d say widen your stance a bit and go for something about shoulder width. This will help with balance and possibly consistency issues. Last thing I’d say is check where your shoulder are pointing at address. They look open in the first video. If so, this can possibly cause swing path issues. Next range session, take a club or alignment stick and lay it flat, horizontally across your chest and see where it points. Feet, knees, hips and chest should all be pointing the same direction for a standard full swing. 2. You take the club pretty far inside on the backswing. This usually isn’t a move that works for most people, so I’d suggest addressing it. The problem I think it’s causing for you is inconsistency in the downswing. When you take the club inside on the way back, the tendency is to reroute and come back “over the top” or even get “stuck” inside. Some people, even pros, play well with an in to out (slightly over the top) swing plane, but it’s not something I would advocate. You’ll find more power in a neutral or slightly out to in swing plane as well as (hopefully) greater consistency. Stuck however, is never good because the club is in a position where you need to make a last minute change to hit the ball. This can mean flipping the hands, spinning the body out, throw the arms at the ball, etc. Basically a bunch of ways to fix the problem that are very hard to be consistent at. So I’d say look some drills to get your backswing a little more neutral and definitely learn about the ball flight laws if you don’t already! 3. Lastly, I’d address the dip you have in the backswing. A little dip of the head/upper body is okay, but yours looks to be too much in my opinion. When you dip a lot in the backswing the body wants to correct itself on the downswing and stand up so the club doesn’t slam into the ground 2 feet behind the ball. This is called extending or hyperextending I believe? Basically standing up in the downswing, if you google something along those lines you’ll be able to read more. It’s what you’re doing in the downswing and I think it’s your dip in the backswing that’s helping cause it. Fixing this should again give more power and consistency. Thats all I have to say really. Look into some of the things I said and find drills/more info regarding them. Maybe wait for some more replies to see what others think, but you’ve got my opinion. All the best, Justin
  3. Hey everyone, I just joined so I thought it would be a good idea to post my swing. I've been Playing Golf for: 8 years My current handicap index or average score is: 2 My typical ball flight is: fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hook when I'm playing a draw Videos:
  4. Roxman


  5. Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some recommendations on a driver shaft. Preferably something that I can look for used at a reasonable price, therefore I’m not looking for the best of the best. I’ll try to give some useful info on my swing/game. I played competitively in college, but never cared much about equipment, so I don’t know much (probably a bad thing ha). I did get my irons properly fitted however. Those shafts are KBS tour c-taper 120s and I love the way they feel. My swing speed with a driver was in the high teens and average drive was probably somewhere around 290-300. I’d say it’s probably the same now. I have an adila rip 70 S in my driver and it has never felt right. Too whippy and hard to control I guess I would say. My tempo is normal and I’d say my transition is neither quick nor slow so average as well. I don’t like to work the ball much with the driver either and a baby cut is my standard shot shape if that matters. Anyway, thanks for any help. This is my first post so let me know if there’s anything I missed. All the best, Justin
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