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  1. Good point. Course is longer so maybe harder.. but doesn't take away distance. Ball has been muddy lately and I always play it down. Mentally, as soon as I touch the ball, the round is ruined for me so maybe the mud is getting to me.
  2. There may be a thread but I did not find it from doing a quick search so delete if needed. I am wondering what everyone's thoughts are on two things: 1) How does wind (10-15, 15-25, etc) affect golf SCORING average? There are lots of posts about how wind affects distance and the golf ball but I am curious to thoughts regarding what wind can do to one's score, on average. 2) Wet conditions - I was thinking about it and started to wonder: does a softer ground take distance off even if you hit it good? I guess the first question is: When you compress a golf ball do you compress it against the ground and if so is the compression against the ground less efficient if the ground is soft/wet? Hopefully the second one makes sense... just some things I had been pondering.
  3. The only way to tell how good they really are is to look at their Anti-Handicap. Yes, they are obviously a very good player but the difference between the +4.2 that makes it on tour and the +4.2 who can't make it on tour is their Anti-Handicap. How good are their worst rounds.
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