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  1. Wow, thanks so much Justin. This was really helpful including the ball flight diagram. I hit a few in the backyard this afternoon with a focus on my backswing path and I really started to see the ball straighten out. I also think the dip you mentioned may be why I’ve always had an issue with fat shots and why I’m extending out my posture too early to compensate. Cheers! Grant
  2. I currently shoot on average about a 105. I love to play golf but have typically only played a few times a year up to now which obviously makes it hard to get any better. I’m shooting for at least two rounds a month this year, with at least one practice session per week. I also want to get at least a 95 at my home course by the end of the year. I can easily break 100 if I improve off of the tee box. I lose a ton of strokes to OBs from the tee box. Most of these misses are a pretty wicked push slice. I’ve already gotten some good tips from this forum to help with this. Cheers!
  3. Hey everyone, just joined up and wanted to go ahead and post my swing. I would appreciate your thoughts on ways I can improve. I have just started taking golf a little more seriously this year, and I know this forum will be a big help in bringing my scores down.
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years (average 3-4 rounds per year) My current handicap index or average score is: 105 My typical ball flight is: Push shot to the right of target The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat Shots, Push, Push-Slice, or the occasional snap-hook Videos:
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