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  1. Just got done ordering M6 irons after several sessions with a fitter determined they are the best for my swing. I really don’t care about their marketing, or anyone else’s. The thing that DOES get me, though, is if someone tries to sell me on something because “it’s what Tiger/DJ/Spieth/Fowler/etc uses”. Not only does who uses what not factor into my decision, but I’m also not any of those people.
  2. I kinda like the idea of building their own course(s), but I guess that might get prohibitively expensive to maintain.
  3. My original goal was to take golf seriously again this year, for the first time in ages. Plan was to get lessons, get fitted, get new clubs, and get a handicap this summer. Then I got rear-ended on the freeway, and my left oblique was injured, which is a bad place to be injured for golfing. Now my goal is to heal up, resume lessons, get clubs, and hopefully be able to walk the course by the end of the summer. Given how long things are taking to heal, it’s gonna be close.
  4. Yes, that’s correct. I’m just saying that when I try that, I screw up and decelerate instead. I need to practice this more.
  5. Biggest barrier to me is what’s been mentioned above: decelerating on the downswing. I just have to practice it more.
  6. Taking advice from every single person, then trying it out, even if it might have contradicted the advice I’d just received. I ended up trying so many different things that I forgot how I was playing to begin with and had to take some time off to clear my head. Now, I’m not great, but at least I have a short list of things I track to improve upon,.
  7. This is very similar to watching pros swing a baseball bat. They start out in all kinds of weird stances, but at a certain point, ie right around contact, they all look nearly identical.
  8. I did. Fortunately, I read about the “situation” here first.
  9. Bought and read Lowest Score Wins. Do I need to show a receipt or something?
  10. I'm in the process of getting fitted for the first time in my life, and at this point it's looking like I'm going with Rogue X. As part of all this, I've been doing a ton of research - man, things sure have changed in the last decade with all of the data/analytics, in a good way. My main takeaway wrt to this issue is that it's pointless to ask someone what club they hit. Clubs vary drastically between manufacturers, and more importantly player abilities. Just figure out what *you* hit, and don't worry about everyone else, because it an apples-to-apples comparison is basically impossible.
  11. Since this is the first time I’ve ever been fitted, I wasn’t sure of the process. It sounds like my fitter is doing right by me, and I do think I can get used to the look of the club. I’m 90% sure I’ll go with the RogueX at this point. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
  12. Put me on the TrackMan with my current clubs (Mizuno MX-200s). I spent the entire first session hitting my seven iron, and we noted the numbers. My spin rate on some swings was as high as 11k, my club face was extremely closed, and my distance was around 145. Swing speed around 90-92. We worked a fair amount on getting my hands forward, and weight transfer. Next session he had built me a TaylorMade M6, one inch longer, with an extra stiff shaft. Spin rate was lower, though I don't know how much of that was the club versus my practicing (I'm getting down into the low-to-mid 7000s now, some
  13. I'm in the process of being fitted for new clubs, as well as taking lessons from the same person, and we’re having a bit of a disagreement. Without getting to long-winded, he has suggested a couple of different clubs, based on the numbers we're seeing on the TrackMan. Both have improved the numbers to varying degrees, and he's really pushing me to the Callaway Rogue X. When I asked him if I could try a couple different clubs, just to cover all our bases, he basically said that what I'm asking is for demo clubs, he's a club fitter and builder, and these are the clubs I should choose
  14. I’d go with anyone through a contract or two, then design and promote my own clothing line.
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