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  1. A seven versus a six wasn't really the heart of the questions, sorry. The question was whether I should base my lessons and fitting on a club that I struggle the most with in my bag. I have lessons every Monday, so it was technically three lessons in fifteen days. I just signed up here, and after reading a few threads I realize I need to be...more precise. 😐 These are 9yrs old (Mizuno MX-200), and have never been checked since I bought them. Maybe that's the problem. I already know they're 1/2" too short. The company actually went out of business between the time I ordered the clubs from them and I received them (no, they didn't tell me).
  2. After many years of using putters bought based on looks or "feel" at store, I decided to get a fitting three weeks ago (Sam). Cost $100, $50 of which they put toward the cost of a putter if I chose to buy one after the fitting. Turns out I was using the totally wrong putter in every way: face balanced, too short (I'm almost 6'3), wrong loft, the whole thing. They set me up with a TM Ardmore 3, and it's night and day. My putts actually go where I'm aiming! And my distance control is the best it's ever been. It also convinced me to get lessons and fittings for a new set of clubs. Take it from a doubter: the hour is worth it.
  3. I signed up for lessons (to be followed by a club fitting) two weeks ago, and for the first lesson I picked out my 7-iron to hit, because it was my worst club. Today I just finished the third lesson, and while I can see some improvement, I have to wonder - is it the right idea to use the worst club in your bag during lessons? Or should I use something I'm more comfortable with, like a 6 or even an 8, which I hit with more confidence? (Background: been playing since I was 10, forty years, with a solid decade away from the game. Now I'm trying to get back in, using the set I bought 9yrs ago)
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