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  1. I have a Ping G10 3 hybrid (21*) that I love. It has a steel shaft and I like it a lot. I feel like I have more control with it.
  2. I'll be having some drinks tonight at my Boss's house. He's having a going away party for someone returning back to our parent company overseas. I'm hoping for the open bar setup.
  3. Quote: This is the issue I had. I would try and overswing instead of just taking a nice and easy normal swing. It's made a huge difference.
  4. I will usually get a small bag / bucket of balls, do that for 10 or 15 min then head to the putting / chipping green. I used to do a full bucket... but seemed like a little too much for me.
  5. Here's my latest update Age: 26 Height: 6'3" Weights: 1/4/11 - 260.00 (initial) 2/4/11 - 243.00 (down 17lb) 2/17/11 - 238.60 (down 4.4lb) 3/2/11 - 234.60 (down 4lb) 4/21/11- 227.00 (down 7.6lb) Year to date total lost:33lb
  6. Personally, I would go with the cheaper G10's. They are great clubs. I had them (still do) but just got the S57's because I "needed" a new set.
  7. Here is an update so far Age: 26 Height: 6'3" Weights: 1/4/11 - 260.00 (initial) 2/4/11 - 243.00 (down 17lb) 2/17/11 - 238.60 (down 4.4lb) 3/2/11 - 234.60 (down 4lb) Year to date total lost:25.4lb
  8. I'm going to give you what I have done. Some will argue it probably isn't the healthiest, but it has worked for me so far. 1. do you have a weight loss competition at work? If so, join it. this really got me started initially 2. switch to diet pop. I tried to cut the pop, but just couldn't do it. If you hate diet pop, start slowly. In my opinion, there are diet drinks out there that taste just as good as regular drinks when your making the change. 3. My goal was to lose more weight during the week than I gained on the weekend. I was really good from Sunday through Thursday (weig
  9. Are you still looking for one of these? I may be getting one in a deal that I would probably sell. How much are you looking to pay? Thanks, - Mike.
  10. Here is an update since I started this thread. How are all of you guys doing? Age: 26 Height: 6'3" Weights: 1/4/11 - 260.00 (initial) 2/4/11 - 243.00 (down 17lb) 2/17/11 - 238.6 (down 4.4lb) Year to date total lost: 21.4lb Goal: 216lb.
  11. Hey man, I'm in the same boat. I was around 350 at a couple points in college (I'm 26 now). Commitment is a huge key. I've gone 2 or 3 times in spurts where I'll lose a good amount of weight, then gain some back, then get sick of it again and lose what I gained back plus a little more. It does make it easy to stay on the wagon though when you see weight drop. Not sure if you have the same abilities, but I know when I was over 300 and started working out, i would drop 6lbs a week pretty easily.
  12. I was at DSG the other day and had $10 in rewards $ to spend. Bought a 6pack of the tours for $9.99. Not bad at all if these are good. They also sell a 6pc sample pack. you get 2 of each of their 3 tour version. One for spin, one for distance, and one for slower swing speeds. I'll be anxious to try these out.
  13. It is very easy. I would say the hardest part is getting all of the old tape off. I wouldn't even call it hard, but just a pain sometimes. I'm 1/2 way through my set now and enjoy the time doing it. Just need it to get warmer in the garage.
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