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  1. Yeah, the black swooshy looking thing in the first pic on the iron in question... Why don't you go bug somebody else. I'll go "use Google" like you suggested...geez man. Excuse me, stamped swoosh, hate to be corrected by @ncates00 yet again.
  2. We'll, thanks for the input, just haven't seen anything quite like it before. I originally thought debadged vapor pro myself, but the engraved swoosh had me stumped. They're in great shape, and under $300, so I can't imagine he'll have them long!
  3. Buddy has a set, 3-pw for sale. Anyone know what model this is? No markings beside the swoosh and serial #...
  4. Picked up a set of old irons off my local FB market... Titleist B-33. Apparently, no one knows anything about them besides length, loft, and lie... not even Titleist directly. Main question now is the shaft. True Temper Dynamic is all that's on the shaft band, along with a red (s). I believe they are the original shafts from 1986. Anyone know anything about these shafts? Found 3 on ironfinder.com, marked "TT flex flow s"...??? Mainly interested in shaft tip size so I can think about reshafting, thanks in advance to all!
  5. Thank for the feedback guys! Yeah, from what I could find out they were the 1986 model. Not much else out there. Foam filled with brass inserts. I will probably pull the 2 iron (that I will never even attempt to hit, lol). Taking them out for a spin in the AM. Regripped 4-pw with Pure DTX in green, in honor of the 5th green jacket! Got to go to my 1st PGA tournament ever last Sunday...what a day that was!
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  7. Like the title says... Been browsing the forums for a long time, and finally broke down and registered. Long story short, I found some old Titleist irons on my local FB market, and would like to know if anyone has ever seen/played them, or has any info on them. Titleist B-33 irons, 2-pw. I believe they are circa 1986, but can't find much more on them. Would like to know what tip diameter they have...they currently have a True Temper Dynamic (s) shaft installed, which seems a bit on the heavy side. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated!
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