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  1. I play driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, 5-pw, 52, 56, 60 and putter. My 3h is the same loft as my iron sets 4i so it actually works out as a nice gap. I don’t often hit the 60 but when I need it I’m glad I have it. I can’t think of a situation where I’d need another wedge; I’m just not talented enough around the greens for it to be beneficial for me. My 5w is without doubt my favourite club and the one I’m most confident with. My 3w off the deck is inconsistent and the 5w helps me advance the ball safely on par 5’s. I’ll also hit it off the tee on short par 4’s.
  2. I carry 14. If I regularly wasn’t hitting a club I’d replace it with something I would. I have a mate who carries two different PWs, simply because he prefers one for full shots and one for chipping. It makes sense to give yourself as many options as possible, imho. Better players have better distance control on less than full swings, whereas the less talented such as myself benefit from the extra options to hit full shots. On the other hand, I might be talking rubbish. It has been known...
  3. Was planning a trip to the hall of fame, although I’ve not consider the space centre. That’s actually a great shout. Thanks!
  4. It's a bit outside of London, but Woburn is a fantastic place and worth a visit if you can. The Grove is also a decent place to play some golf. Neither are links style though.
  5. Welcome! I’m in Waltham Abbey so about 2 hours away from you. If you’re ever down this way bring the clubs and give me a shout. I tend to shoot 90-95 as well.
  6. Hi guys. I’m based in the UK and planning to start ticking off my bucket list courses. First up is TPC Sawgrass, which I’m planning to do solo. I have no mates willing to shell out for the trip and a 1 year old daughter so the wife will stay home with her. Has anyone stayed at the Sawgrass resort solo before? I’m fine with playing with strangers, but I’m not sure the resort will be great for a solo. Would be spending 5 days there. Lastly, any recommendations for other courses in that area? Is the valley course worth it? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for all the kind responses guys. How are the courses in India? Are there any you’d recommend adding to my bucket list? Always been intrigued by India. Looks like a beautiful country if you know where to go.
  8. Angry Peggy

    Angry Peggy

  9. Hi everyone. I’m based just North of London in the UK. If anyone is in my neck of the woods feel free to contact me for a round. I’m a member of a club called Chesfield Downs in Gravely near Stevenage. Been golfing for a few years and stuck around the 18hcp mark. I got gap tested a while back and only carry a driver 230 with roll out to 250, so not long hitter. 7 iron carries about 150. Lack of consistent strike with my irons kills me on the course. I’m planning some solo golf trips over the next few years to play the bucket list courses as all my golf buddies are either flaky or don’t want to pay a lot of money for a short trip to the US. Hoping to find some TST members in the areas I go to so I can share a round, a beer, or both!
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