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  1. This is a curiosity question. I was just given in a very special circumstance, a BMW Championship Tournament flag signed by Pete Dye. My googling skills are coming up with zilch looking for something similar. I feel I am in possession of a very special item here. Anyone have a clue on what you think it's potential value is?
  2. As good as Rory is, and will be...I still believe we haven't seen the best of Tiger yet (with regards to the last 5 years, not 2000) and once a couple of those things click in his game, I think his best still beats Rory's best. The tournaments this year where he has played up to "Tiger" standards, and even then its probably 80%, his playing competitors have been astonished at what he could do with the golf ball and how he played. That level of "fear" is still there, it's just dormant because all the players who have been on tour since 2000 fully know that he still has "it" and its a mat
  3. Tiger won't be dominant again mostly because the depth of fields and quality of talent is more superior then 10-12 years ago. Hell, I am somewhat curious if the quality of his play "today" would get him wins (less dominant wins by margins of strokes) but wins nonetheless back 10 years ago. I think his putting sucks right now. He seems to be hitting the ball just fine, he just can't get the ball in the hole.
  4. Thanks for the additional comments. So yesterday I worked on creating more pressure between my left bicep and my chest. I was hitting some 8 irons very well. I also worked on getting my hands down faster. Today...all hell broke loose, and it's because my practice swings look awesome (in my opinion) but my real swings look like complete and utter donkey sh*t. I don't hvae the greatest golf analyzing software (using the free V1 software on my computer)...so if any of you want to take some measurement line drawing stabs, I would greatly appreciate it. First, here are s
  5. Same with Rory's....I guess I don't see the left bicep + chest compression happening
  6. When I look at this swing of Tiger's....maybe I just don't have the "eye" for seeing certain things, but I feel like he "lifts" his arms too. does he not?
  7. Delav, I "really" appreciate the detailed post and insight into my swing. I am going to need some time to process all that you are talking about. The left bicep and the chest is interesting...I have known about "lifting" my arms for quite a while..in fact I have done it my entire life most likely. The hands moving outside on the takeway is closer to my attempt at keeping the clubhead outside the hands. The slowness of the hands on the downswing is a stickler for me...simply because I have always been led to believe the swing starts with the lower body and the arms "fall" in succe
  8. Here are 2 more videos from today...I really slowed them down. I am really struggling with that impact position. I just keep messing up on my first downward movement and my hips, and I am slightly coming over the top as well.
  9. So I've only been out a few times this year, but I am already making good progress in a few specific areas of my swing. 1. I've been working on my takeaway and moving it straight back, rather then the inside. 2. I am "trying" to move away from "lifting" my arms once I am past the take-away and more focus on rotation of my shoulders to move the club to the top. 3. Casting is something I have fought for a long time. Fortunately my timing has always been good so I get away with it. I am starting to create a better start of my downswing. As I get about hip high you can tell I start
  10. I am also well aware how much "forward" my upper body goes close to impact versus keeping my lower body going forward and rotating..while keeping my upper body "back"..so that is one of the next things to work on.
  11. Hey guys, So I am continuing my pursuit of a better downswing :) My swing from yesterday compared to today is night and day I believe in terms of the start of my downswing and my follow-thru. I know the problem areas..but figuring out the solution on maintaining that lag throughout the entire downswing and keeping the forward angled shaft at impact is a bit tough. However, my progress between yesterday and today might very well be the correct direction I am heading. Approaching impact I still "lose the lag" and got some funkyness going on with my lower body prior and after
  12. 1st Time out the other day 2nd Time out this year Was absolutely crushing my driver. High, straight, and far! 300+ yards on many of them. trying to work on clearing my hips better, and letting the club fall on the downswing, rather then me throw it at the ball or get in somewhat of a casting position.
  13. During Bubba's Masters speech, he thanked the staff in the locker room, being very gracious, and I heard a "whoa whoa whoa" quite loud. Was curious if anyone knows more context around that. Not trying to make an issue out of nothing..just sounded like someone was bothered he was addressing the staff at Augusta National. Knowing how tight they keep their reigns on everything, it wouldn't surprise me but didn't know if you guys had any more context.
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