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  1. How's that? He just finished 2nd in another major. Seems to me his stock went up this week. Most people I know and what hear from pro's when discussing him on TV rate him as an excellent player who will likely win a major at some point in the future. Coming 2nd again hardly diminshes that view. It's usually Americans who call non American players over rated - ironically because they tend to over rate American PGA Tour players.
  2. You can be real without being an asshole.
  3. Another great major performance from Tommy.
  4. Well done Lowry - great round of golf. To hold his nerve and shoot +1 in today's conditions is great stuff. He should keep his mouth shut and just play. He's fast becoming golf's bad guy. Quite a few would have been delighted to see him collapse after 4 holes today because of his attitude and comments.
  5. Don't watch when the wind blows then as you are unlikely to see any Americans in contention to win.
  6. Koepke looks like he's basically given up. he looks like a spolied teenager. Lousy attitude.
  7. Keopka is struggling...despite his eagle on 5. Maybe his game is limited and can't handle the conditions or maybe he's just lost it because he has to play with the snail. Who knows, but his race is run.
  8. Opinions, opinions. Others can have them, you know. Not just you. Of the golfers you listed - sure, debatable, especially for Rahm and Fowler imo. However, I'll stick with Fleetwood and Lowry as the best 2 players out there not to win a major yet. Hopefully one of them will be removed from the non major winning list today. 👍 I can understand why he'd be upset. The problem could be solved by making sure warnings are issued and ultimately removal from the golf tournament after a warning if it happens again.
  9. Rain and up to 20mph winds tomorrow whilst the leaders are out. 👍
  10. One of the great rounds by Lowry. Brilliant composure. His to lose on Sunday. Excellent from the over rated Tommy Fleetwood, challenging once again at a major. I think it's great to see these two in the final pairing as I think they are the 2 best players in the world yet to win a major. It will be great if the wind blows as forecast... should see some creative links shots.😀 Yeah, it's referred to as The Open, the premier golf tournament in the world.
  11. I'm loving the leaderboard. Fleetwood, Rose, Lowery and Westwood right up there, Speith and Koepke on their heels. Marvellous. Loved Rory's round today, top class... however, glad he missed the cut. It might give him pause to reflect on the lack of professionalism he showed on the 16th green yesterday. That moment of madness was the difference between making the cut and not. Poetic justice.
  12. Great player. He's right in the hunt, level with the 'over-rated' Tommy Fleetwood.
  13. It's pretty clear he doesn't have the ability to play these types of courses, so why is it ridiculous to suggest he pick and choose? He'll do well at Augusta and occasionally another major will be at a course where you can hit it in the next fairway and stlll be ok. His career at the very highest level is over, his challenge is to see if he can squeeze out another 3 majors before his body gives up completely.
  14. Tiger should really not be playing these types of courses - it's too much for him. He should play the easier courses with wide open fairways and easy rough where he can boost his stats so his fans can pretend he is a top level golfer. It's quite selfish of him to take the place of a player who could actually play Port Rush.
  15. This isn't 2008. We've moved on by 11 years. He's not good enough off the tee and one of the worst players on tour out of the rough. Not a good mix for The Open. That said, if he accepts his limitations and plays smart like he did on the 5th, his mid iron and short game is still as good as anyone - so who knows.
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