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  1. I think it is pyschological. I struggle with a driver off a rubber tee and also hitting an iron solid off a matt. Today I practiced at one of my local courses - horrible drives off the rubber tee and hardly any solid irons off the matt.... drove straight to another course with a better practice facility and hit the best drives I have ever hit one after the other off a real tee on grass and hit nearly all my irons solid off grass. Same day, same swing, same feeling. Problem is, it would probably happen in reverse the next time! Golf.
  2. I don't think he gave it away, but he did collapse after he managed to put himself in a position to win. BK was crumbling. DJ's collapse settled him down and gave him back his breathing space.
  3. Faldo shot a 65 on Sunday at the Masters. If he hadn't have blown the doors off the course on that Sunday, Hoch's miss would been irrelevant - or is 65 on a Sunday at the Masters a 'ho-hum' round????
  4. Koepke did well to hold on, helped by the ever fragile Dustin. I think we can put to bed the premature discussions comparing Koepke to the greats. Not in top 100 of all time - at least for now. The difference being that Faldo would have made par on those last 3 holes (or better). Insult to Faldo to compare him to DJ. Different league.
  5. 99% of anything I try based on the advice of a tour pro speaking on video, or watching and trying to copy their swings, ruins my game. I decided when I came back to the game never to listen to anything a tour pro has to say and never copy anything they are doing. More or less all of them are doing things that I am simply not able to do - case in point, lag. Extreme lag imho is not for the amateur. I don't have the talent to catch up in the swing and if I try I end up blocking everything to the right if I attempt to copy the really late release of the club the tour pros can get away with. If I try anything that is not simple, my game gets messed up, so for me it's a full shoulder turn and let the arms lead the body, with the body pulling in the opposite direction to the momentum of the club head - very much what Mike Malaska teaches. Thats the only way i can kep it straight with a decent strike on a consistent basis. If I played more often then I might learn to do more, but unless I am going to play and /or practice every day then copying the pros is a recipe for disaster.
  6. Shame that Tiger missed the cut. The weekend is not the same without him. I like Koepke but he's not even close to generating the level of interest Tiger does for the game. As for including Koepke in GOAT discussions... oh, please, silly. Woods, Nicklaus, Snead. Koepke has only won 5 tournaments in 4 years on tour. Snead? 82 wins over 30 years, Tiger 81 over 24 years, Jack 73 over 25 years! No comparison. I think wins matter, not just major wins. For that reason I rate Sam Snead as the best ever, and I also think he had the best swing.
  7. The only way I can hit my driver straight is when I get the shoulder turn right. This is a very mental side to the game for me. For some reason, even though the results are always so much better, I get scared of really turning the shoulders because my brain tells me I will be further away from the ball and more around my spine and it will be harder to hit. What happens is I more often than not do a fake turn, so at the top of the backswing my shirt buttons are only at about 2/3 of the way to facing away from the target - i.e. it's going to be an out to in path no matter what else I try and do. The results are pretty much always a push slice or a pull hook. So now I try to make sure I only think about turning properly and trusting the outcome. I think things like putting the ball forward in the stance, tilting to get the "K-Bomb", hitting at +2 attack angle, etc... are all great, but I have a fundamental swing error (fake turn) that has to be fixed first before I can get to more advanced stuff. Prior to understanding my turning issues, i tried all the 'hit it straight and long' tips and, unsurprisingly. they made my slice/hook worse. The fake shoulder turn issue looks to be quite common from what I see on the range/course with others.
  8. Jay28

    My Swing (SPJr)

    It probably means I suck at golf.
  9. Jay28

    My Swing (SPJr)

    No worries - It's a bit of a journey isn't it 🙂 For what it is worth, I'd say with your swing (far better than mine), you'll be a low handicapper with some practice.
  10. Jay28

    My Swing (SPJr)

    I am no expert by any stretch, but I think your swing looks good. Two things I noticed based on things I am learning on my own journey. 1) you're lifting in the downswing and through impact. 2) you look like you are pulling the hands down at the start of the downswing. Do nothing with hands and arms at the start of the downswing. The 'swing' in terms of hands and arms is only about 2ft through the ball on the downswing.. the rest is all body.
  11. A coach told me to keep the arms passive and not to lift them at all in the backswing. I found that odd because I was so flat with just the turn, but then I realised something (and only realised it when I stopped lifting my arms). I was lifting the shoulders in the backswing - i.e. not keeping the angle of the spine. Now I am practicing a proper shoulder turn AND keeping the arms and hands quiet in the backswing. When done correctly my arms and hands are in the perfect position at the top of the backswing with JUST a shoulder turn. It feels totally different - but simple. The right shoulder should drop lower as it turns in the backswing - which is natural if the spine angle is kept consistent. This forces the left shoulder up and behind and the nands finish quite high - with no arm movement.
  12. Hey your swing is looking much improved. Great work. I noticed from both the early and later videos that your release looks a little early. I have the same problem and it robs me os swing speed and consistent strikes.
  13. As far as I can tell it happens to everyone, including professionals. I guess the trick is to make your good days better and your bad days better. I am working on making my bad days of ball striking acceptable, rather than sould destroying, lol.
  14. Hi there, I am in the UK, started playing golf at 11yrs old. BUT, never played that often and stopped completely 10 years ago (I am now 47). Just getting back into the game. Options around simulators seem to make it easier to find the time to practice, so looking into that and am also about to join a club (Stratford Oaks near Stratford Upon Avon, UK)... if anyone wants a round and is close let me know! I plan to play once a week, but aim to practice a fair bit - never did any practice before - just went out on the course and played. I don't have an official handicap yet, when I was playing my best ever round was 87, but I usually scored between 90-95, so not very good. I have a goal of breaking 80 in the next 2 years. I just had some new clubs fitted - Callaway Rogue X, 4-PW + AW, GW and SW. I have a Callaway RBZ driver which I got pre-owned. I might replace it... also looking for a 3wood or hybrid for tee shots where I don't want to use a driver. Currently trying a few clubs. Anyway - hello all. John
  15. I also bought new irons (fitted and awaiting delivery) and, like you, I found the Rogue X easiest to hit. My current iron set is Hogan Apex Edge 3-PW and a Hogan SW (10 years old). Whilst getting fitted on the launch monitor my Hogan 7 iron was carrying 125 yards with a good hit (yes, thats very short! 😥). The Rogue X 7 iron IS delofted (a lot) but my shots with it were going a fair bit higher with a steeper angle at the end of the shot and carrying 160 yards. I went ahead and bought the 4-PW Rogue X with a graphite shaft (synergy 50), but I also bought the Rogue X AW, GW and SW (46, 51 and 56 degree lofts). That gives me a very light and very forgiving full set of irons with maybe only a 60 degree lob wedge needed (maybe). I really like that I can get my 5 iron distance with a shorter club (Rogue X 7iron). By adding the extra wedges I feel like I got the best of both worlds - help with distance and a set of wedges for the shorter shots.
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