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  1. Well done Rory. Would have preferred a Xander win, but it's still always good to see a European win the big tournaments.
  2. Just echoing some of the commentators really, who I agree with. Rory is one of my favourite players, but he's struggled in the biggest tournaments to get the win since his last major. Hope he comes through this one, will do him a world of good.
  3. Such a great player, Rory, but early in the round it's happening again. Not his A game over the past few years when it really matters. Big day for him to prove doubters wrong - or right.
  4. I'd say it was the other way round. It's Rory who seems to be intimidated by Keopke. I'd love for Xander to beat them both.
  5. I think one of Brooks or Rory will win the $15m this week... possibly Rahm could challenge them.
  6. Erm, that's the point. I am not talking about Tiger's career or his best level. I am talking about now. He's not as good as the best - and his bad shots can be REALLY bad.
  7. Justin Thomas - wow. I only count winning as winning. I find it more dumb to think otherwise. Tiger regularly hitting bad shots that ruin his rounds is not an opinion, it's a fact. It's even the way he described himself this week. If you think Tiger is on the level of Koepke then it's not me who's dumb.
  8. He won by 4 shots. I hardly think he was cheating with a 4 shot lead on the last hole.
  9. Pretty simple. I was replying to a post about Tiger. I think Tiger has more of the bad shots in him than the very top players, though. That's the level to judge Tiger by. Not compared to an average tour pro or even some of the best, but against the very best. Almost winning is not winning. Nothing I said is untrue. He did have some really horrible errors in his round today, same as yesterday. I see it often in his rounds these days. He just isn't the player he was as is not at the level of a player like Koepke, for example.
  10. Really? Watching again today and the same thing is happening. Gets to -4 and then two really bad errors - approach to 16 and tee shot at 17. Both shots you'd see regularly at the monthly club medal. As were the two horrible bunker shots on those holes that were the result of the approaches. Today should have been a great round for Tiger. He's played pretty well. But he's ruined it with the all to common sprinkling or truly awful shots. Really don't know why you're so touchy about criticism of Tiger. He's not at the very top anymore. Obviously a great career. One of the best of all time, but that time is well and truly over. I'd actually like to see him get to 18 majors, but that is only going to happen at Augusta.
  11. Seems like that's correct. He still has too many amateur level shots that crop up in his rounds. Today was no different. Some really horrible errors.
  12. Doesn't change my view. The tournament officials decide on their rules, so no issue with them enforcing their rules. I still think both they and Poulter were overly zealous, but I blame Poulter more. It was hardly 'abuse' as Poulter claimed.
  13. But, at courses like Augusta National, he'll still do well. If his game is not good enough to compete with the top players today on most courses, I do understand him picking and choosing. He's no longer playing for money or ranking, just majors. It seems like physically that is all he can do, so "going big" might end his career. Although I do wonder whether there is a mental aspect here too, with the sore back being used as an excuse when he doesn't play well.
  14. Yeah just saw that. Appaerently an 'oblique strain' (translation : not good enough). He'll still be eligible for the BMW but I really hope we dont see him in the Tour Championship. It's now all a bit sad. Like a lame horse racing bringing up the rear.
  15. We'll agree to disagree. I am a fan of Poulter, but I think he was out of line.
  16. Nationalistic?? Like "U-S-A"? With you on racist or sexist chants... as long as they really are. But regardless, we're talking about someone shouting 'get in the bunnker'. Yeah, Rory should have ignored it.
  17. Just don't see an issue as long as the shouting is not during a pre shot routine/ swing. If someone is being abusive and shouting out crap on a consistent basis, then sure, get rid of the person.. however the odd shout here and there shouldn't be a problem. I see it for what it is. Poulter was getting upset with his game and wanted someone to take out his anger on.
  18. Would seem sensible. Too many people with a stick up their butt.
  19. After a player has struck the ball and it's in the air or rolling to the hole?
  20. Is there a rule as a spectator that you can't shout when a player is not in mid swing or in the pre shot routine? Should all the fans who applaud when a player misses a shot be ejected? How far do you want to take it? Doing stupid things like ejecting fans like this would lead to hundreds, maybe thousdands ejected at Ryder Cups. Doesn't seem smart. Players shoudl realise that without the fans, they are just like any other weekend golfer and would need to go and get a job Monday to friday.
  21. I think Poulter is wrong here. I don't have sympathy for golfers who can't take a bit of heckling. It seems to me that Poulter, who is actually a player I really like, gives it large during Ryder Cups. He can't really expect that his firey behaviour during the Ryder Cup every 2 years is not going to generate some dislike amongst American fans. Unless someone is shouting during a swing or pre shot routine they should not be ejected. Basically, grow up Poults.
  22. How's that? He just finished 2nd in another major. Seems to me his stock went up this week. Most people I know and what hear from pro's when discussing him on TV rate him as an excellent player who will likely win a major at some point in the future. Coming 2nd again hardly diminshes that view. It's usually Americans who call non American players over rated - ironically because they tend to over rate American PGA Tour players.
  23. You can be real without being an asshole.
  24. Another great major performance from Tommy.
  25. Well done Lowry - great round of golf. To hold his nerve and shoot +1 in today's conditions is great stuff. He should keep his mouth shut and just play. He's fast becoming golf's bad guy. Quite a few would have been delighted to see him collapse after 4 holes today because of his attitude and comments.
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