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  1. Maxfli soft from dicks, on sale all the time at 2 for $15 each, or 3 for $12 each. Wilson duo soft is also a good ball that isn’t expensive. I can hit these as far as any ball with the driver.
  2. Thanks for the replies, don’t think I’m going to buy one.
  3. Looking for feedback, any success using or not. Thanks.
  4. I love all the tests my golf spy does, gives great info and insight, however I play maxfli softfli and hit them as far as the prov, I can buy them a lot cheaper, Dicks always has them on sale at $10-15 a dozen. I’ve tested dozens of the expensive tour balls on my home course and they get the same distance as my maxfli, I also get good height and they stay on green. But if the difference was substantial, I would play a tour ball whatever the cost.
  5. Thanks for the responses, I’ve ordered a 4 wood, see how I hit it. I’m not bad with a 3 wood, but I do hit my 5 about as far sometimes. Hopefully I can hit the 4 wood with good distance and height.
  6. My 5 wood I hit high, my 3 wood not high enough. Has anyone put their 3 wood shaft on the 5 wood. To get more height and distance out of their 5 wood.
  7. Has anyone played the jpx919 with the flihi hybrid long irons.
  8. If you wanted a more lofted iron set, has anybody just added a 1/2” to each club making the 6 iron more like a 5 iron on down through the set.
  9. I always wonder why I don’t hear as much about the maxfli softfli, they have been the most consistent ball for me. I’ve hit prov’s, Wilson and Bridgestone, I hit it farther, and it stops on the green better for me, I have a slower swing speed so it may be better for me because of that. I seem to play better with lower compression balls.
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