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  1. Thx John...yes, AZ is definitely something to which one must acclimate! My wife has RA and being in Palm Springs at a condo from January through March of this year really helped her! So, we looked there and the taxes are the reason we chose AZ. Where I play golf is definitely "target golf" . You just gotta hit the green grass and not all those sand pebbles! I bought four dozen of the Costco Kirkland balls (they are actually quite good! And a lot cheaper than my TaylorMade ball of choice) After a two-week layoff, I went back to the range today to just chip and hit a few pitch shots. Getting through the ball with club-head momentum really helps and I tend not to “flip” at impact so much. There is a great teacher down here at the Superstition Golf and Country Club. His name is Mike Malaska. His Youtube videos are excellent! Attached is a photo from one of the holes at Dinosaur Mountain Course in Gold Canyon. Thx again and Happy Thanksgiving! Arch
  2. Thanks for this! I looked a few Youtube videos and it looks as though it may work for me. (I'll try anything at this point). Lately, I've been playing 6-8 holes of par to bogey golf and then it all falls apart and it's back to "overweight" really FAT shots! I stay away from golf for 1-3 days, go back and it's either feast or famine...and I have no idea why. Appreciate all the advice and counsel! I know I need to just stay away from the game for awhile, find something else to do on an 83 degree day instead of watching football and finally may have to admit I need to see a Shrink! HA! Thanks all and Happy Thanksgiving! Arch
  3. Yes. Good call RWC! With the addictive nature of the game of golf, It is so difficult to not get up and go out to the course to hit a few wedge shots or practice chipping or pitching. It's just fun but as others have pointed out, it can lead to bad habits. I had the good fortune of being able to play any sport well as a kid and young adult. And then it all caught up with me with 4 back surgeries from 1978-2014. Despite extensive PT, I really never got back to where I was. So that's where your idea of "balance" comes in. Never been able to do it! I am almost 73 and my brain still thinks I can shoot long-range jump shots in basketball and play fast-pitch softball. Nope! But golf...it has this magnetic feeling where one thinks he/she can still hit a small ball with a big stick. Where IS the balance in that? I cannot find it. I just want to be active and enjoy sunshine and golf but one day, all I do is chunk the ball and the next, hit it pure. Golf is a love-hate relationship and to find balance, as you suggested, should be my goal. Thank you! Arch
  4. Yes! Lived through winter of 1973 in Thief River Falls, MN where the temp never got above -20! We lived in MN (Minnetonka area) for 25 years! Could not have lived through spring/summer of 2019 where all it did was rain, wind, clouds and cold! Maybe there is something to the idea of SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder)? Thanks! Arch
  5. Yes! Your description and vision you provided is excellent! The forward shaft lean has been a real struggle for me. Envisioning a chip shot with a 7-iron and progressing from there to a full shot makes a whole lot of sense! Again, thank you Iacas! Arch
  6. You are correct. Main reason for move was my wife's health issues (RA) but I was up as soon as the sun was up every morning hitting golf balls at a very nice (and shady) range with regular golf balls--not the limited flight balls. I got good, played with a bunch of great guys but then could feel myself getting bored. And then we found a prestigious facility that has two golf courses and both are beautiful! And then I got even more bored after we joined. I think I will just take the rest of November off and try to get back to it in December. Thanks for your thoughts Cantankerish! Arch
  7. Thanks for that! I will give that a try! I would formerly hit my 7 iron up to 165 yards with a good swing and a full turn. Can't do that as well anymore. Again, thank you! Arch
  8. So we moved to Arizona in June from dreary and rainy Minnesota, endured the oppressive hot weather and I played some of my best golf in my life in June, July, August and late September. Now, I am so tired of the game, cannot hit the ball solidly and have nothing good to say about the game. My ONLY life change was that I started drinking scotch again...49 days now...so it's time to stop. It is just so nice to be on the hot golf courses all day and come home to a cool home and have a drink or 2 or 3 or 4. (Oh, and I gained 15 pounds which all went to my gut) Of course, along with the scotch comes the mandatory grilled steak...and then I cannot sleep. I joined a high-end golf club here in AZ and there are two courses. Both are stunning and both are really fun to play. But when I can't hit the fairway from the forward tees, and lose dozens of the TaylorMade TP5x golf balls--well, it's time to rethink. Being retired is no fun at times. I can easily stop the scotch but am worried I will not be able to go back to good ball-striking again. Fat and thin shots are getting really old!...but so am I. The "flipping" in my impact position is impossible to correct despite all the lessons, videos and 100's of practice balls! Not looking for sympathy (that can be found between sh!t and syphilis in the dictionary. HA!). Just want to play bogey golf again...for now. Thx for any feedback!
  9. According to the guy who has been the leader of this group for the past 20 years, guys were complaining about putts being "given" from varying distances. People were improving their lies in the fairways etc. etc. So, to avoid any controversy and/or hard feelings, they all agreed to abide by the formal rules of golf. I had no idea the "old guys" were so competitive!! When playing for only $5 each week, it is very competitive! When playing with family/friends/golf outings for fun, just play. I did not intend to offend anyone...just wanted to convey that when playing with new friends for any amount of money, people change. Guess I did not address that very well. On a side note, I am wondering if a fellow competitor is in violation of the rules if he/she does not call a penalty when an obvious rule is broken. Eg. when one of the foursome hits another's ball by mistake. That happened this past week and the guy willingly called a penalty on himself despite the objection of another player in the group who said it should not be called. As the player, are you in violation if you do not call a penalty on the other player if he hits your ball by mistake? I don't think The Rules of Golf address this. Stay safe! Arch
  10. No. A two-shot penalty is assessed when going out of bounds. I should have stated that in my post. Thanks for pointing it out. Arch
  11. Agree with Todd1902. Your balance is off. Try swinging without hitting a ball and hold your finish. Good luck! Arch
  12. After moving to the southwest part of the country from the bitterly cold midwest, I was invited to play golf by some new friends. Their invitation came at a good time as the dreary weather of MN just took its toll and playing and practicing golf near Mesa, AZ has become a genuine delight! The rules were spelled out verbally before I played my first round with the “Old Guys.” Everything is play it as it lies, everything is putted out (no gimmes no matter how short) and just drop the ball near where you hit an out-of-bounds shot…to speed up the pace of play. It was fun to see actual scores (just like the PGA). If you get a 12 on a hole, it goes on the scorecard…just like any other score. The age range of the group is 70-85. So, here we have 15-20 guys playing every Friday at 6:30 AM to avoid the intense heat. In order to qualify for the betting game which is only $5, you have to play five rounds of golf with the group to establish your handicap. Next week, I will get to play for the money. Should be fun! The first week I shot 101 and the last four rounds have been in the upper 80’s and going down. In this day and age of "celebrity" golfers playing at their own resorts and “giving” themselves up to 10-foot putts, it is refreshing to play with a bunch of really nice guys who have fun and play by the rules of golf. if one plays golf and does not follow the Rules of Golf, well, he/she must leave their consciences at home.
  13. The essence of my post regarding using a motorized/electric golf cart versus carrying/pushing/pulling abound 30-40 pounds of golf clubs (or 30-40 pounds of anything) was to just let all know that our bodies age and break down over time. Swinging a golf club at at age 20 something at 120 mph and then picking up a bag of metal/graphite clubs takes a huge toll on the human body. Fast-forward to age 45-65 where the golf swing is anywhere from 95-115 and again hauling around a bunch of weight is ludicrous in my opinion. Take a golf cart! I can guarantee you will be able to play well into your 70's! (Of course eating healthy and Yoga--especially Yoga--can help you play much longer.) If you are addicted to golf (as I am) save your body, back and knees and take a golf cart! I went from age 60 to age 73 in a matter of moments (or so it seems) Good luck to all!
  14. No sir...a hunched-over posture is a result of the things we do and not do (exercise or sit at a computer all day). This condition CAN be reversed but it takes time and dedication. Carrying or pushing a 30-40 pound bag of golf clubs is not a good thing. Hey! I am all for electric carts and not gas carts! (Environment) . But as a scratch golfer at age 22 through age 41 and after three back surgeries with fusions--the last being in 1988...and after severe pain, another surgery at age 67 in 2014, I am back to playing well again. I work out and do Yoga every day! My long drives are at 235 at best when I could formerly hit my drives over 300 yards or more. (A drive and a wedge or 8 iron--at most) on long par 4 holes.) . Now it's more like a great drive and a a 19 degree hybrid or a great 6 iron! I first learned and played the game in 1970 (thanks to my golf buddies who taught me), none of my golf buddies can play anymore because they have bad backs, sore knees and back surgeries and knee replacements. For gosh sakes! Save your back, knees and body and take a golf cart...and do it now!
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