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  1. According to the guy who has been the leader of this group for the past 20 years, guys were complaining about putts being "given" from varying distances. People were improving their lies in the fairways etc. etc. So, to avoid any controversy and/or hard feelings, they all agreed to abide by the formal rules of golf. I had no idea the "old guys" were so competitive!! When playing for only $5 each week, it is very competitive! When playing with family/friends/golf outings for fun, just play. I did not intend to offend anyone...just wanted to convey that when playing with new friends for any amount of money, people change. Guess I did not address that very well. On a side note, I am wondering if a fellow competitor is in violation of the rules if he/she does not call a penalty when an obvious rule is broken. Eg. when one of the foursome hits another's ball by mistake. That happened this past week and the guy willingly called a penalty on himself despite the objection of another player in the group who said it should not be called. As the player, are you in violation if you do not call a penalty on the other player if he hits your ball by mistake? I don't think The Rules of Golf address this. Stay safe! Arch
  2. No. A two-shot penalty is assessed when going out of bounds. I should have stated that in my post. Thanks for pointing it out. Arch
  3. Agree with Todd1902. Your balance is off. Try swinging without hitting a ball and hold your finish. Good luck! Arch
  4. After moving to the southwest part of the country from the bitterly cold midwest, I was invited to play golf by some new friends. Their invitation came at a good time as the dreary weather of MN just took its toll and playing and practicing golf near Mesa, AZ has become a genuine delight! The rules were spelled out verbally before I played my first round with the “Old Guys.” Everything is play it as it lies, everything is putted out (no gimmes no matter how short) and just drop the ball near where you hit an out-of-bounds shot…to speed up the pace of play. It was fun to see actual scores (just like the PGA). If you get a 12 on a hole, it goes on the scorecard…just like any other score. The age range of the group is 70-85. So, here we have 15-20 guys playing every Friday at 6:30 AM to avoid the intense heat. In order to qualify for the betting game which is only $5, you have to play five rounds of golf with the group to establish your handicap. Next week, I will get to play for the money. Should be fun! The first week I shot 101 and the last four rounds have been in the upper 80’s and going down. In this day and age of "celebrity" golfers playing at their own resorts and “giving” themselves up to 10-foot putts, it is refreshing to play with a bunch of really nice guys who have fun and play by the rules of golf. if one plays golf and does not follow the Rules of Golf, well, he/she must leave their consciences at home.
  5. The essence of my post regarding using a motorized/electric golf cart versus carrying/pushing/pulling abound 30-40 pounds of golf clubs (or 30-40 pounds of anything) was to just let all know that our bodies age and break down over time. Swinging a golf club at at age 20 something at 120 mph and then picking up a bag of metal/graphite clubs takes a huge toll on the human body. Fast-forward to age 45-65 where the golf swing is anywhere from 95-115 and again hauling around a bunch of weight is ludicrous in my opinion. Take a golf cart! I can guarantee you will be able to play well into your 70's! (Of course eating healthy and Yoga--especially Yoga--can help you play much longer.) If you are addicted to golf (as I am) save your body, back and knees and take a golf cart! I went from age 60 to age 73 in a matter of moments (or so it seems) Good luck to all!
  6. No sir...a hunched-over posture is a result of the things we do and not do (exercise or sit at a computer all day). This condition CAN be reversed but it takes time and dedication. Carrying or pushing a 30-40 pound bag of golf clubs is not a good thing. Hey! I am all for electric carts and not gas carts! (Environment) . But as a scratch golfer at age 22 through age 41 and after three back surgeries with fusions--the last being in 1988...and after severe pain, another surgery at age 67 in 2014, I am back to playing well again. I work out and do Yoga every day! My long drives are at 235 at best when I could formerly hit my drives over 300 yards or more. (A drive and a wedge or 8 iron--at most) on long par 4 holes.) . Now it's more like a great drive and a a 19 degree hybrid or a great 6 iron! I first learned and played the game in 1970 (thanks to my golf buddies who taught me), none of my golf buddies can play anymore because they have bad backs, sore knees and back surgeries and knee replacements. For gosh sakes! Save your back, knees and body and take a golf cart...and do it now!
  7. Walking with a push cart...take a look at male golfers who do this. They are all hunched over and pushing a 50 pound cart/bag! It makes no sense IF you want to play golf in your senior years. I am 73, take a motorized golf cart and am approaching shooting my age. My posture (with Yoga) has improved my game HUGE! Forget about being "macho" . Focus on your future so you can play golf well into your late 70's and early 80's. Continue to walk and push a golf cart and your knees and back will not tolerate it. I am living proof of that!
  8. Once again, I agree with walking. It is great exercise! But if you want to play golf in your retirement years, do not carry a golf bag on your shoulder(s) while you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's! Carrying a 30-40+ pound bag of golf clubs weakens your back over time and places huge stress on your knees. Walk all you want...just do not play golf. Take a motorized golf cart. I certainly wish I had done that in my younger years! I am convinced now that I could easily shoot my age and under if only my back and knees were in better shape! Interaction with those with whom you play is always easy while in golf carts.
  9. Yes. It is a little less than walking a regulation 7,000 yard golf course. The point is the golfer is not carrying his/her golf bag or pushing his/her golf bag push-cart which adds signifiant stress to the back and the knees. The entire point of this thread is to encourage anyone who wants to play golf in his/her later years of life...use a motorized golf cart now...while you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's! Don't compare the golfers we see on TV. They have caddies who are a lot more expensive than a motorized golf cart! I certainly do wish I would have realized this several decades ago!
  10. I understand that walking on a golf course is considered a good thing...when you are young! However, walking on a golf course or on any surface for 3-4 hours carrying a golf bag or pushing a cart with a golf bag versus riding in a motorized golf cart is the point of this thread that I re-started. Medically speaking, carrying a 25-35 pound golf bag on one shoulder or the backpack type on two shoulders is simply not good if you want to play golf when you are retired and are in your mid 60's to mid 70's and beyond. I am encouraging my 23 year old granddaughter to use a motorized cart and her dad (my son) was finally convinced when he saw me go from a low single-digit handicap just 9 years ago to enduring countless months of rehab in order to play golf again after my 4th and final back surgery in 2014. And now my knees are starting feel the strain. Think about it. Your knees support your entire upper torso--and that is a lot of weight! Now add the weight of a golf bag. It simply does not make sense!
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