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  1. I played it late 90's, and I would say, if you love the game of golf, yes go play it! Yes, it is very hard, but it is a gorgeous golf course, at least it was when I played it. Yes I probably lost 10 balls. It's fairway, then maybe 15 yards of rough, then jungle.
  2. Yeah, I only have a window of 3 possible days to play the Old, but that being said, in 2017 we only gave 2 days, did not get at first, then on the redraw in early December, we got 8 tees, and then December 23rd we got the other 8.
  3. I know it is insane.......and there might be an issue with our bus and the driver regarding Scottish regulations, driving time, rest periods...... I also book the trips, first in 1997, tours wanted around $3000 with a rental car. We had 12 guys, played Western Gailes, Glasgow Gailes, St Andrew's New, Carnoustie, St Andrew's Old, Royal Dornoch (36 holes), Nairn, Prestwick and Turnberry. With a 40 passenger bus with card tables, drink holders, 3 different days we played 36, the driver would drop us at first course, and then go get sandwiches and beer for the transfer to the next 18 holes. One of my fondest memories, the ride from The Old Course up to Royal Dornoch, smoking cigars, playing cards and drinking beer with the huge bus windows admiring the Scottish countryside. The total cost for golf, B&B and bus was $1650. My wife picked me up at the airport, July 12th, our 3 year old daughter in one arm, not even 2 year old in the other arm and 8 1/2 months along with our first son born July 31st. (What kind of a**hole leaves his wife in that condition to go play golf in Scotland for 10 days???? Well, you know, you have to book a year in advance, she wasn't pregnant when the trip was 100% booked) In 2017 I returned with that son who was born July 31st. We had 16 guys, played North Berwick, Carnoustie St Andrew's Castle, St Andrew's Old, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay, Prestwick, Turnberry, western Gailes. I checked with the tours again, with private bus they wanted over $6000 - we paid $3800 I will treasure the golf with my son and the picture on the Swilcan Bridge forever, but that was the only thing good about that trip, I had the SHANKS all nine rounds, could not get rid of them...
  4. My bad, I left North Berwick off, played that one July 2017 Next summer's trip is tentatively Gullane, Muirfield, St Andrew's Old, St Andrew's Castle, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay, Royal Dornoch, Brora, Royal Troon, and Turnberry I did not know there were horrible caddies at Pine Valley! Unfortunately, never to play gain, member died around 2004...............
  5. Yes, I have played Rum Pointe, I would place that in the top 10 instead of Rocky Gap I have had the good fortune to play Pine Valley 8 times...... I have been to Scotland twice, going again next summer, played The Old Course, Carnoustie, Turnberry, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay, Royal Dornoch, Prestwick, and Pine Valley is still my all time favorite golf course. Next summer we are playing Muirfield and Royal Troon, had to reserve both those already and pay them in full!!
  6. I have played 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 Bulle Rock deserving as #1 Lake Presidential - all depends on conditions - last year was horrible Rocky Gap - same as LP - inquire about condition before you go River Marsh - great golf course - especially the last 2 holes.
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