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  1. I did end up going to get fit at Club Champion. I went in for long game, started with driver and really saw the improvement and comfort over my current driver and a good experience. When I started hitting my fairway wood and hybrid the numbers were where they are supposed to be and it ended up just being a driver fitting. I'm thinking about just ordering the Fujikura shaft I got fit for and putting it into my Ping G as opposed to buying the M6 head. If it doesn't work then I'll look into the M6.
  2. Awesome thanks for the heads up. I'm curious what the quote is going to be on the clubs but I definitely plan on shopping around after.
  3. Ok cool I appreciate you saying that. I'm scheduled to go in next weekend
  4. Thank you that is good to hear about the fitting. Sounds good after it's over I will definitely weigh my options with everything.
  5. Ok well thank you, you all make very good points. It sounds like it's worth it to go and do the fitting with them, reviews for this location are good as well. Looking forward to scheduling with them soon.
  6. Hey it's starting to become pretty clear to me that my fairway wood and hybrid are not great fits for me. Driver isn't bad but I'd like to see if I'm more comfortable with something else and thinking about going to Club Champion for the long game fitting. I'm trying to determine if its worth the $200 plus however much the clubs will cost (unless we can just put different shafts in my current clubs), what do you guys think? Should I go with Club Champion or look for a different fitter or demo day in my area?
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