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  1. I can’t say you’ve debunked anything but your attitude is why I don’t reply to your posts. Enjoy lording over this forum. I’m going to back to helping golfers shoot under par. As the brilliant John Lennon said....Give peace a chance.
  2. I welcome anyone here to debunk this theory...I teach a universal set up position that presets the movements for a shallow, circular and descending swing and all that is required of the golfer is to simply keep their weight still during the swing to create powerful and consistent ball flight. It’s been proven to be anatomically sound by a doctor of kinesiology, which means it doesn’t do unnecessary damage to the body and dynamically efficient by the Titleist Performance Institute, which means ball flight dynamics are premier. Enjoy!! Stay Still, Jim
  3. That says a lot about your ability to vet a system. You know enough about a swing that I created and have taught for 25 years without trying it and then you state it lacks power. It’s clear that you don't understand where the power comes from in the swing I teach. Understandable. So why not ask me what my club head speed is or whether or not my students gain or lose power or where the power comes from? Would you prefer to shift weight in your swing as opposed to just keeping your weight still? What if still weight actually improved power and consistency? signing off to help those that want to hit powerful, solid, tight draws. Stay Still, Jim
  4. Iacas, I simply responded to your claim that the swing I teach hurts the body. I'm not interested in a debate especially since you haven't tried the swing. I suggest to you if you are going to be involved in forums that discuss golf instruction maybe you should try the system before you knock it. Very best to you all and like I said, if you have a question I'm happy to answer it. My intention is simply to help golfers play better without the inconsistencies and undue stress on the body of the traditional swing. Wishing you all stillness in your game and in your posts. I think this video applies to this topic.
  5. Iacas, is it not fair for me to respond with the knowledge I have from teaching this swing for 25 years or would you prefer I allow erroneous statements to be made? I stated that the swing is biomechanically sound. That means when executed properly the swing works in coordination with the body’s natural movements.
  6. Hello all...I see you are chatting about the swing I teach. Based on some of your comments it's clear to me that you are misperceiving what I teach, which is understandable because what I teach is very different from traditional golf instruction. I'll say this briefly... If you are experiencing any pain in the swing I teach, you are not properly executing the swing. The swing has been proven to be bio-mechanically sound by doctors at USC. If you think this swing is only for beginners you are gravely mistaken. Every great ball striker on tour has always had a left dominant swing...from Bobby Jones to Nicklaus to Tiger at his best and now Finnau and Koepka. My system simply allows you, the general public and average golfer, to be able to experience this same skill. My only goal is to share and help those golfers who are tired of the inconsistencies, disappointments and physical pain of the traditional swing and are ready to move on to a logic based, universally applicable system that eliminates a slice and empowers you with the clarity and physical skill to hit a draw as your stock shot. If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them. Best of luck to all and Stay Still. Jim
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