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  1. Looks like Haney was right, a Korean woman named Lee won. A woman that actually puts a 6 at the end of her name to differentiate her from the 5 other Korean women with the last name Lee on the on the tour.
  2. In looking at the women's world golf rankings, it's pretty clear that a disproportionate share of Korean women are highly ranked. I count 9 in the top 20. I can see how if you are not following closely that it would not be easy to know anything about each one of the Korean golfers except the country they are from. Two have the last name of Lee in the top 20. One is goes by Lee6, because there are 6 named Lee on the KLPGA. Players - Rolex Rankings Rolex Rankings’ worldwide professional women golf player’s individual pages, featuring events completed, best performances and form tables. 2019 Jeoungeun Lee6 Makes LPGA Member Debut | LPGA | Ladies Professional Golf Association That’s no typo at the end of the rookie’s name: Jeoungeun Lee6 joins the LPGA Tour as a rookie this season. It’s not only not a typo, she prefers peop...
  3. You are definitely in a better spot than most by being proficient with the driver. On the shots 120 yards in, I would look into Dave Pelz methods. He takes a lot of the guesswork out of partial wedge shots. Sounds like you are losing a ton of strokes in that range, which with your skill should be fairly easy to correct if you go about it the right way.
  4. I completely agree with you here. An amazing course that is challenging and entertaining.
  5. I've dealt with back issues in the past as well, and there will be some pressure on your back. The key is coiling until you feel pressure and that may be uncomfortable. I don't think it will be worse for your back than any other swing. Make sure that the majority if your weight is on your right instep at the top of the backswing. I prefer my trigger point to be pushing off my right foot and not just turning. This I believe creates more speed. Then make sure you finish with your legs together.
  6. It will take some time. He mentions that after people start his method they start playing pretty poorly initially. This is because it is completely opposite from what you have been likely been doing. Keep at it, I think you will see some significant results. If you have his book look into the sections of what type of shot your hitting that is frustrating you (fat, thin, hook) and it will break down the part of his method that focuses on that problem. Also, use a mirror or video as much as you can so you can get a good look at whether or not you are in the right spots at each part of the swing.
  7. I found myself in a similar situation earlier this year. I would tend to hit the occasional shank at the range and not have an issue on the course until one round when it happened multiple times. The next day I couldn't hit the ball at all in the range and was really frustrated. Did some quick research and found this video, it says it's for fat shots but it helped my shanks. I did this for 10 minutes before my next round and shot a 74. Just needed a little tweak. I actually hit balls like this now at the range and it helps keep things solid. Hopefully it helps you too.
  8. Bringing things back to topic, he has a beautiful effortless swing.
  9. Paul Wilson himself pointed out where he has been misrepresented. I don’t need to repost those as they are clear for you to see. Reread what he has posted and responded to people that did not understand his teaching. The financial incentive is very clear, this entire site is a billboard for the cute little keys.
  10. I’ve read the thread and people have misrepresented what Paul Wilson teaches numerous times. There is also a great deal of arrogance portrayed. PW has had great success over the years and you can site research or science regarding professional players, but that doesn’t mean a certain method of teaching is better than his. Real research would be to compare the results of the teachers. However, I doubt either are going to share that type of data. My oringial point still applies, if somebody has a financial incentive in having people do their program over another, objectivity in reviewing competitors should be questioned.
  11. I have not been here long, but humility is not a trait I have seen in this thread.
  12. Lots of guys skip the week before a major. Probably why the field isn’t very strong.
  13. Best of luck on your journey. Keep us posted on how you progress. I think you’ll start seeing results very quickly with Paul Wilson.
  14. I didn’t engage you. You engaged me, I’d prefer you didn’t post on every single post I make. Not pushing products? That’s funny.
  15. As I have stated I have no desire to engage with you, however you do have a monetary incentive to move people from other products to yours.
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