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  1. Here's the problem with this, you draw with the other clubs, so to say no matter what equipment you used would produce an open face at impact is just contradictory. If you used a cut down driver to 40 inches it may not or a ladies flex it may not. I'm going to give you a little advice now in this world there is no secret ingredient, everything is a continuum, no one is perfect and no one is the perfect dragon warrior. It is a trade off between having the absolutely best distance club in your hands with the shaft that works the best and the club you hit the most consistently, no matter what you
  2. So what was your shot shape he proved no matter what you used never changed? To be honest I'm not sure whether what he said to you was inaccurate or you just misinterpreted it?
  3. "no matter what club... same" if you were slicing or fading low he's misleading you because if he put a weak ladies flex in your hands your slice or low fade would most likely not be the result. Wouldn't be the right club for you, but he didn't explain why did he.
  4. Ok so people saying this probably isn't a swing problem, but then saying it probably is seem not to be able to stop contradicting themselves, so I'll stick with my belief I've got a shaft problem easily fixed. Will let you know in a few weeks who was right ok 🙂 and after that if anyone makes the PGA tour I'll give you the credit to contradict yourself regardless of whether it makes sense.
  5. Maybe your wife's clubs are great clubs who knows, I'd probably swing them better than yours right 🙂 The point is not everything is a swing problem and you unfortunately just reaffirmed that every teaching pro thinks that as the first reason. Native American 🙂 Indians are sub continental Asians, the European explorer who thought he found a shortcut to India mis-named them thus
  6. Thanks Erik, yes I agree if I was hitting big slices I would say it was something I should fix before I looked at the club as the issue, but I suppose my recent posts show my frustration with my experiences of the last week or so as I have gone to many places where their are some golf teachers who also sell equipment on driving ranges as I really don't like indoor computer bays. What I experienced was really terrible they just seemed to want to change my swing, I really don't want to change a swing that produces what I think is the best distances I can achieve at my age nearly 50 with all othe
  7. Nearly anytime someone asks for advice saying that they are only fading their driver and hitting everything else straight a lot of responses seem to be it's a swing fault, this is the most obvious club related issue ever, and probably 80% of the time not to do with the swing, just gone through this with a lot of golf "pros" trying to sell me on changing my swing instead of what is obviously a club issue. I even told them that I hit an old burner 50g reax stiff straight and high and an newer 60g stiff fuijikura in an M2 further but lower and fade, and the penny still doesn't drop. Just don't go
  8. As a doctor you can't possibly believe just because a doctor or medical scientist wasn't practicing or researching in the last 10 years they must have been a bad doctor or scientist? I thought only millennials thought that way. So people like Pasteur, Curie and Vesalius were obvious fakes that did nothing to help medical science and it was all just feelings they had not based in any science at all right? This site isn't just about talking about one guy, he runs the site for open discussion not to shut down discussion every time someone has a different thought and so no need to bring every disc
  9. Hi Vinsk, I think the point is that golf teaching hasn't become a science it has become a religion or some kind of order and the top guys are like the renaissance heretics and the rest of us are living in the dark ages, even Jack seems to need to hide his real beliefs about modern teaching... "Every other sport is played from the ground up ...This used to be true with golf, but today I see it being taught with the upper body dominating, partly because modern equipment is so much lighter." Jack Nicklaus It wouldn't be the first time society ended up this way right?
  10. Feel the Force Erik, if you only knew the power of the Dark Side of Golf
  11. This is another good article from David Leadbetter about the power from the ground and force into the ground from the feet especially in transition being a big difference between pros and us... David Leadbetter: Get More Distance Out Of The Ground - Golf Digest 3 power moves the pros make that you don't.
  12. One last one, if you want to "cure" it without any swing change just get a golf club shaft with a higher kick point, that will hit it lower.
  13. Well maybe some people are better just eating a little less or exercising rather than taking a pill right? But we digress 🙂
  14. Hi Erik, "their 'feet' and lower bodies have always started the transition", here "feet" is used in the meaning of the plural of the word foot, I can't be any clearer than quoting that from Flick, Erik. From this I am certain Flick and Nicklaus are saying they don't think the transition starts back with a turn with their hips and a passive right foot. Try this for yourself pull yourself around from the back of your swing with just your feet and calves and inner thigh muscles and maybe glutes by just pulling your legs left and open from pulling against the ground (right hander) (note Jac
  15. Flatten out your swing plane and don't get so front on when you hit the ball will definitely "cure" it, now whether that causes you another whole world of difficulty to "cure", particularly pull left is another thing to think about right? There really is no secret ingredient in the swing that "fixes" everything it is a balance to get perfect between too high / too low, too open / too closed, too fast / too slow, too early / too late, too strong / too weak and that is for everything ball, club, every joint and every muscle, so it's a fun game right!
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