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  1. Thanks to everyone who applied!! I will try to look up more info on the Mevo!! I will probably order a golf net and matt off amazon just to get started!!
  2. Yeah, I know the prices are high but I was really looking for a good practice net and mat to put in the garage and start from there. Record my swing with my video phone. I was thinking about add opti-shot simulator later but just looking for some suggestions. Thanks
  3. Hello I would like to set up a golf simulation in my garage to help with my swing during the winter. I want to purchase a golf net, a mat and maybe a good but cheap golf simulator like opti-shot to put in my small garage. Purchasing these items will help me save on time and money going to the driving range. I would like to purchase everything under $800. Any suggestions would be most helpful
  4. What is the best place to buy used golf clubs online? I’ve seen globalgolf.com, 3balls.com and 2ndswing.com which one is good?
  5. So, as some of you know, I am a returning golfer that hasn't played In ten years but I'm now deciding to take up the game again. I went to the golf shop to get fitted and hit some different types of clubs for purchase. I hit some Callaway's, Titleist, tommy armor, and taylormade. I was looking to purchase some used clubs that's been out for about 1- 4 yrs and all the clubs I hit was good but the taylormade m4 felt really good. My swing was terrible from rust but hitting those taylormade put an extra 20 yd on my swing. I want to go back to the golf store to try the taylormade m2, ping, and othe
  6. I want to ask question about club fitting!! I’m returning to golf after a 10 years hiatus and was looking to buy some used or inexpensive clubs but a lot of people is giving me some advice to get club fitted before buying some clubs!! I looked around the Houston/Cypress Tx area and club fitting is almost as expensive as buying use golf clubs!! Are there cheaper places to get club fitted or should I buy some used clubs, play golf and wait until I buy my 2nd set of golf clubs!!
  7. Hello, new member!! I am starting back playing golf after 10 yrs and wanted to buy some used clubs!! I did some research and was thinking about some taylormade irons!! I will go to a golf shop to get fitted but the Taylormade clubs are already on my mind!! I’m not getting the 2019 version because I just started back but thought about some clubs 2-3 yrs old!! I was thinking of the M2 or M CGB Taylormade irons or maybe something different!!! Any suggestions!!!
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