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  1. I appreciate this. I'm VHS age. Grew up on them! Be kind, rewind! So this is a tough question. In high school I used to play once a week, sometimes twice and probably used these for every round. So let's say...I dunno, maybe 22 rounds/yr for four years. So we're looking at 88 just through HS and then scattered rounds for the ten years thereafter. I stopped playing altogether for a while...between time and money the well ran dry. I'd say the number is probably around 125.
  2. Since I know everyone was waiting on the edge of their seats to see how this resolved, I’ll tell you. I contacted FJ and they had no suggestions. Just basically said this shoe has been off the market nearly twenty years. Just for a laugh, I went to my local golf shop because I know they do spikefitting. Well, lo and behold, we struck gold. The SoftSpike Cyclone spikes fit. The old girls are back in business!
  3. I’m a creature of habit and feel. Once I get a feel for something I’m not apt to change. It’s why I’m still playing the same irons I’ve been playing since High School. But yeah. I’ll probably end up grabbing a new pair.
  4. Ok, that’s GREAT to know. I’m the only one on the trip playing golf (here’s the roster: Wife and I plus our two kids, her brother and his wife and their two kids, her other brother and his wife and daughter, plus my in laws; 13 total) so price isn’t a huge issue since I won’t be playing much (probably one round at a top level course and another at some muni near the rental house).
  5. I’m glad this thread exists. We’ll be in Chincoteague in June and I’m planning to make the drive up to River Run. Has anyone ever been?
  6. If I had the chance to play Turnberry, I’d play Turnberry. Is Trump my cup of tea? Not exactly. But I can’t remember the last time I splashed one into a bunker because I was thinking about the owner of the course.
  7. I have a pair of FJ Sierra Treks that I’ve had since HS. They are in pristine condition because I always treated them well, cleaned them, maintained them. They need new spikes and pads. Since those shoes are circa 2005, I can’t find replacements anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions? I really don’t want to buy new shoes, but I’m sort of expecting that’s going to be the solution.
  8. When I didn’t absolutely suck at this game I played ProV’s almost exclusively. Then I lost two in three holes last Monday and switched to an old sleeve of Wilson’s I had in the bag. I’ll go back to the Pro-V’s when I can hit them properly.
  9. New to TST and even newer to this group; would love to get a round in with some people. I'm in Niskayuna, but play all over the area.
  10. Short (160 or so) par 3 after making back to back quads to start my round (sheesh). 5-iron off the tee that made a beeline for the flag. Hit a low hanging branch and just dropped into what I can only describe as sludge. Pitched to 15 feet and sank my par putt.
  11. I’m a financial professional, currently a bank manager for a small community bank. It’s a difficult and often thankless job but it enables me to play more free golf than the average person. That’s the only perk.
  12. Anyone here in the Albany, NY area? My core foursome is back home in NJ so I need some people to play with.
  13. hack_nicklaus


  14. I was a 12HCP in high school. But now I’m 29, married, two kids, full time job. I just played for the first time in a couple years yesterday and shot a 67, which is great except I played 9. Wedges seem intact but my putting and play off the tee is a disaster. Where do I start?
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