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  1. maybe nothing https://twingolfer.com/callaway-hex-tour-soft-review/
  2. When a ball lands on green it leaves an indentation. These are easy to repair and will do no damage to the green if fixed right away. Stick a divot repair tool or a tee into the turf around the outside of the mark. Gently lift the compacted soil to loosen and raise it and move around the entire ball mark in a circle. Once you've done this, take your putter and softly tap down the turf so it is level with the rest of the green. The rules of golf allow you to repair ball marks that are on your line. You are not allowed to repair spike marks, but it is a good idea to repair any pitch marks or spike marks you see before leaving the green—as long as you don't hold up play.
  3. I am new at golf so I want some suggestion on how to choose golf balls?
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