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  1. You know what, your right!! A friend of mine sent me a video from last Friday. And it shows where my left elbow starts to bend instead of staying straight.
  2. Need some wisdom here. I have golfing for 4 years. I started with some use Adams Hybrid irons and drivers. I worked up my game with this iron set until was satisfied with my hitting and driving. This past spring, I took the leap and got fitted for some new irons. Since I was already using a Ping G400 driver for a year, I went with the G400 black dot irons. I was actually fitted for them. Base on my swing which was fast, the rep told me Ping G400 black dot with carbon fiber regular flex shaft. Ok now here’s issue. I been putting these irons through the pace figuring the yardage on these irons from my 10 year old hybrids. But now my hands and joints are starting to ache. This never happen with my old irons. I figure since I’m hitting new irons and a carbon fiber shaft. Has anyone ever gone through this when upgrading to new irons??
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