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  1. 10footer4bird

    Fake sm5 titleist wedge??

    I think you answered your own question when you said "delivered from China".
  2. D 270 3W. 245 4hy. 215 5hy. 200 6hy. 185 7. 165 8. 150 9. 140 PW. 130 GW. 118 52. 105 56. 95 60. 80
  3. 10footer4bird

    Fixing divots on greens

    Lol! Well put!
  4. 10footer4bird

    how to shoot lower scores?

    Bromide...nice! My point was that short game (100yd in) practice is the key to lower scores and is where the main focus should be.
  5. 10footer4bird

    how to shoot lower scores?

    Played with a guy the other day who hit 2 GIR and shot 72 on par 71. I repeat...short game, short game, and short game!
  6. 10footer4bird

    how to shoot lower scores?

    Short game, short game, and short game.
  7. 10footer4bird

    Golf is easy, no competition

    might be the dumbest thing I have heard today!
  8. 10footer4bird

    Handicap scoring

    I am pretty sure I said "YOU WOULD THINK".
  9. 10footer4bird

    Handicap scoring

    you would think that a guy that plays to a 4 would know how that works being as he has obviously been around the game.
  10. 10footer4bird

    Adult Beginners

    I know a guy who never picked up a club until he was around 30. Was a 25 Handicap his first year. By year 3 he was and still is 20 years later a 0-4.
  11. 10footer4bird

    The wheels came off :S

    Our club championship final was a couple weeks ago. I got myself all worked up thinking about it the days prior and started making mistakes. I finally realized that its just a game no need to be nervous. Just go out there relax have fun and play "your" game. I just pretened like it was a normal day on the course and won 4 and 3.

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