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  1. Ok so what I will probably do is have my local fitters put me in a shaft they think will work better and then I imagine they can add weight to balance it out without lead tape. However they add the weight I am not sure, but I thought it was as simple as buying another shaft and popping it on there. I didn't know those most shafts you buy would need to be cut down anyway.
  2. Quick question for everyone. I understand the modern driver shafts have gotten longer. I choke up on my driver regularly. What are my options with shorter driver shafts? I know that some people cut their shafts down and then try to re-balance the club. Can't you just get a new shorter shaft that is closer to the length you want? If so, how do you going about finding one? I can't seem to tell how driver shafts are sold. I don't see 43 inch or 44 inch shafts being sold. They usually don't even list the length of the shaft. Is it even possible to buy a shorter shaft and swap it out on your driver?
  3. Question for you. When I have seen the fort worth irons reviewed I noticed that they only had the lofts on the club heads instead of the PW, 9, 8, etc. Now on the website I only see the numbers not the lofts. Did they change that?
  4. The funny thing is I have a set of Ping G20s which are GI irons. I hit them alright, but I took out my old Tommy Armour EVO blades and shot an even better round than the G20s. Which makes me think maybe there is more of a mental aspect to the aesthetics / love you have for certain irons that transfer into better play. I love the blades so much more I think I honestly play better with them.
  5. It was not fit for me no. I bought a used g25 driver off of ebay instead of spending a ton of cash for a fitting and a new driver. I've watched driver fitting videos where not only are you paying for the fitting but you are shelling out 500 dollars for a new driver and then 3-500 dollars for the shaft they put you in. At the moment using my 5 or 3 wood occasionally on tight fairways vs spending 1000 dollars for one club seems to be more realistic to me. However, I could be persuaded otherwise. First I am very sorry for your loss especially because I imagine golfing in general is connected to the relationship you had to your dad. I have a G25 driver I bought off of ebay that I hit relatively well however not as consistent that I would like. I recently did the UTRY program from global golf and tried out the new Ping G410 and I will say that I hit it much better than my current older driver. My misses were much more manageable. They are much easier to hit than older drivers. So maybe you will have some more success. I just don't want to spend 500 dollars on one golf club..... UGH
  6. Yes I am more accurate with those clubs. A bad layup shot would be one where I am forced to chip back into the fairway because my driver went left behind some trees.
  7. Just curious if anyone uses them or has played them. They are super sexy.
  8. I actually think I am going to start hitting my 3 or 5 wood off the tee when I see any narrow fairways that I would have to play a layup shot with an errant driver shot.
  9. 220 off the tee can be can be sufficient for shooting a good score on the amateur tees. Most amateurs including myself only average 230 off the tee with driver so if you are losing 10 yards and putting it in the fairway it isn't a big deal. I would keep working on learning to hit it but I will say I recently played a super tight course and played irons and woods off of most of the tees and I shot the lowest round of the year so far and had WAY more fun.
  10. Hello all. I have been at the range hitting buckets after buckets of balls off the mat over the month. I played my first two round of the season during the last couple of days. One thing I realized is how poorly your iron shots transfer from the mats to the grass. I feel like I made a lot of progress with my swing but I was suffering from hitting my irons fat and chunking many shots. Obviously you don’t get this sort of feedback off of the mats. When you chunk one on the mat your ball may lose some distance but overall looks decent. When you chunk it on the course your ball goes about 20 feet. I wish I would have only practice off of grass before my rounds so I can work on this issue which I’ve already started to diagnose. My question is this: is it even worth getting professional fit for irons seeing that when you are fit for irons you hit entirely off of an indoor mat? Seeing how differently the ball reacts to the grass vs the mat at least with clubs you hit off the grass why would one feel confident spending he extra money hitting in that type of environment. I can see a driver fitting wouldn’t be different because you’re hitting off of a tee. Any thoughts on this?
  11. The video shows an example of golfing a whole. I just used the virtual range to get the distances.
  12. So... here is what I did. I had 1.5 hours to do the testing. I essentially had 12 clubs to get done. I wanted to do 10 shots per club because that's what I read to do from someone else. I only included relatively solidly hit balls. Balls that I toed or mishit I did not include. I was definitely rushed to complete in time. Because I was rushed I would imagine my swings weren't the cleanest they could have been. The simulator was indoors, which I have to admit was a bit strange. I feel like being in a room where you can't see the ball fly you tend to hold back a bit but either way that was the process and those were the numbers I got. The simulator was a SkyTrak e6 seen here: I do agree with this to an extent. However I do feel like I am getting somewhat of a normal trend besides a few irregularities. I am glad to have the data for when I do strike the ball well. I would say because there is an average that would be if I caught the ball with a normal strike. At least I will now that if I hit club x well it will go x distance.
  13. Hello all... I have never really put in the work to figure out my club distances. I will say it was a very humbling experience. I knew I never hit the ball long but I will admit I thought I hit it longer than these numbers. I guess numbers don't lie so I will put this data to work on the course to see if they actually match up. My strategy was to strike each ball with a relaxed swing. The data is interesting. The most glaring thing to me is the gapping between the clubs (number in red). The strangest one was the difference between my 60 and 56 degree wedge with only a gap of 1.7 total yards. It makes me think the lofts are off on the wedges. They are a new set and came together (60, 56, 52). I can understand the gap between the 52 into the Pitching Wedge because that's where my ping g20s start. I just wanted to share this data and see what everyone thought. I guess there is a big gap between my only hybrid and driver as well so I would imagine I need to get something in between those. Any feedback or thoughts would be awesome. My fiance` doesn't care about my data so I come to all of you. Golf Data Nick.xlsx
  14. I put a couple pieces of lead tape on the top of the driver and I will say I hit more straight.I also played around with the loft settings and lowered my loft to 9.5 which also helped. Pretty interesting experiment.
  15. Yea... I picked up some lead tape as well on Amazon. I am going to do some experimenting as well.
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