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  1. The only feel I'm really talking about is "swing" vs "hit". Everything feels smoother and more powerful. Agreed on contact feel, good strikes basically feel like dry swings, bad ones feel like I hit something. Objectively speaking my swing looks better. I'll try and start a video thread soon.
  2. A thing I've noticed since getting back into playing, my swing *feels* very different. Lots more lag, lots better positions and balance, a clear in-to-out path and way more of a "swing, not hit" feel. My results... are not that different other than I'm consistently (say, 85% of the time) drawing/hooking vs slicing/fading the same percentage, and probably getting 15 yards extra when I flush it (160-165 yard 7 iron). I still have a lot of slightly thin / slightly fat strikes, probably 70% thin 30% fat on mis-hits. But I'm encouraged, and I can't help but think that better swings will eventually lead to better strikes and results. In general does everyone think this is true, or is there very little correlation between how good a swing feels and how good the average result is?
  3. 1. commit to practicing something every day, even if it's just mirror drills or flexibility or grip practice. 2. commit to keeping score when I play, which probably won't be as often as I'd like since it's so hard to get to a course living in the city of Chicago, and having family commitments most weekends. 3. commit to my lessons; I like my current instructor for the most part and the location is as convenient as could be (1.5 blocks away) but I may also reach out to a guy who's listed at the 5sk site. 4. result-oriented-goal: break 100, or break 50 over 9 since playing 9 is easier for me to do on the regular. If I can get some consistency in my swing, I feel like my good swings are at the point where this should be more than doable, what will kill me are blow up holes where I shank/skull multiple shots or play achilles and the hare on my pitch/chip and get it halfway to the hole 4 times. I've shot 55 through 9 before, and that was with a significantly worse swing and no concept of course management.
  4. So this thread was staring me in the face. I had my first lesson (post-reboot) last night, and the fundamental thing the instructor changed was getting my left hand in the fingers, specifically getting the pad on top of the club. I had been thinking about my fingers but was basically just wrapping them around further which just meant more in my palm instead of less. I'm pretty sure I glossed right over a picture in Hogan's 5 lessons that says to do this as well. This fix made it much easier to get a nice natural early wrist hinge without having to fight for it or pull it with my right hand. This fixed my tendency to "hinge" late in the backswing and break my left arm. Now when my arms are parallel to the ground, the club is at or under 90 degrees to my arms. The other thing was not taking the arms out and away at the start of the takeaway, instead staying close to my right leg, thus getting deep hands and staying on plane, which also was much easier with the automatic wrist hinge, which... was all more or less fixed by a grip change. Last shot of the night was a beautiful 160 yard 7i baby draw with an apex about 28 yards high that finished dead on target. If I could make that my standard full swing 7i shot, I think I'd be pretty happy with that part of my game.
  5. I know the stereotype is that golfers skew older and less active, but that's definitely not nearly the whole of it. I'm definitely not someone to take advice from on any part of the game, but I'm curious if anyone has used olympic lifting or variations (meaning clean & jerk, snatch, or variations like power cleans) in their exercise routine? I spent several years learning the olympic lifts while I was taking a break from golf, and I feel like the move you make to drive off the ground in the swing has some commonalities with the 2nd pull in olympic lifting (which is when you explosively pull the bar up from about mid-thigh, explosively extending your hips, your traps, and your ankles) to prepare to catch it), and training myself to do something explosively with a large timing component seems to carry over a bit, if nothing else in terms of thoughts and patterns. Plus working the lifts has done wonders for my hip and shoulder flexibility and my core strength.
  6. barooo


  7. It’s hard for me to film it but my instructor will do some video. He has an indoor facility with some sort of launch monitor, and video. Assuming I can get a good swing video without too much animation or editing I’ll post one. I’m actually really curious to see it, a good backswing position is still pretty iffy, but when I do get it I can drop in on that nice inside slot without having to control it Otherwise I’ll see what I can do with my phone.
  8. I'm currently reading LSW, which I bought. I'm not sure what I need to do to get the stupid monkey, but I'm trying...
  9. I started playing about 15 years ago, took a few lessons, hacked around, never really had anything click with any consistency, and mostly gave up. Tried again 3 years ago with similar results. Over the winter I spent bunch of time doing mirror drills without a club to work on actually turning my shoulders and hips correctly and fixing my biggest 3 flaws: Sliding my hips on the backswing and rolling to the outside of my right foot, moving my arms way out to the side for a super flat baseball swing, and not getting my weight forward. Honestly the hands were probably the biggest key, once I realized they should basically go up instead of around, the others clicked. Recently I got a new-to-me set of irons to replace my 20 year old big berthas with regular flex graphite shafts. The new irons are used Mizuno MP-15 with DGS 300 stiff shafts, probably a little too much of a players iron but honestly they don't seem that bad and I got a great deal. With properly fitting shafts my swing is way less jerky and more powerful. I'm signed up for more lessons again. My trips to the range have had a different fee. I'm still not making consistent contact every time, but it's better than it was. I feel like I'm swinging a lot harder now but also a lot more smoothly, and now every time I do put a good swing on it I get right-to-left movement, instead of having no idea where it was going to go most of the time and a way happier trajectory, a lot more explosive off the face and more of a home run and less pop fly. So hopefully I can get to the point of consistent starting trajectory soon, currently I'm getting draw spin but it could start anywhere +/- 10 degrees of straight. And then maybe I can start hitting my driver the same way, I still tend to slice it or pop it up. If I can truly improve this time around, I'll treat myself to a new driver next year. I'm also reading LSW, I basically have no idea how to actually play a round other than try to hit it as far as I can each time and hope for the best.
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