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  1. Hmm, shot tracer looks like it's in dev on google play. I might pop the $5 for it though. I use swingU (basic/free) for range finding and score keeping, but just my camera app for recording.
  2. I guess this may be the real crux of the discussion, I really don't find driving that exhilarating. I'm still a novice, but one part of my game that just seemed to materialize overnight was my PW. I love watching a 110yd shot drop 6ft from the pin and stick. I'd take that over a 250+ drive anyday. Now if only I could get my 60yds and less game to come along for the ride. I don't swing hard at all and even with a a choked up grip still manage a considerable slice. The higher the tee, the worse the slice. I tee my 5W barely above the grass and can easily hit 210yds straight as an arrow. An easy swing with a choked up grip on a driver will usually net me 185yds and a mild slice off the fairway.
  3. Yep, same here. I have to focus on two key things to get back in the groove. One is just absolute focus on the ball through the swing. Nearly 20 years of professional training to have a constantly roving eye taking in ever detail plays havoc with focus during a swing. Sometimes I can just "feel" my brain lock in on the ball and that is ALWAYS an amazing strike. The other is as RWC said, starting the motion with my shoulders and not my arms/hands. As long as I initiate my swing by dropping my forward shoulder it usually comes out ok.
  4. GEEZ!! I have a Nike Pro-combo set from 2002 and I snapped a shaft just below the grip, but the heads are still rock solid. I just bought a new shaft and grip and it was good as new! Whole set (4-PW) cost me $140 US.
  5. My current bag is this: (No Driver) 3w, 5w 4H, 5h, 6-9i, PW, GW, SW, LW. and putter; I only use the 3W on Par 5s.
  6. So, first lets's just get this out of the way, I'm a novice. Been playing about 10 months and have already gone through three permutations of my bag setup. From the very beginning I have struggled with the driver, either very low shots in the very beginning or a vicious slice as I developed more swing speed and "correct" setup. Recently I just decided to take the driver out, and wait until I was ready for some lessons. I'm just going to let my Adams 5 wood handle all the 220 yd + duties for a while. And you know what? The last few rounds I've played, almost all of my shots from the tee box have been in the fairway and I rarely find myself trying to "get back on my hole's fairway." I've also lost considerably less balls. Am I alone in this?
  7. Irons: Nike Wedges: Nike (except SW which is Taylormade) Putter: Yes! Sophia
  8. Hello! New golfer here, been playing about 10 months, trying to play more every month. Slowly whittling down my scores, started at about 120 on our local course (slope rating of 125). Now solidly sitting just below 100. I started playing cavity backed irons (Top Flight xl700 kit and then Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons), but recently switched to Nike Vapor Pro blades (so much better!!). Obviously these were all used clubs, not dropping $$$ on clubs until I'm below 90.
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