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  1. Loved the book, so I've just downloaded the video set now. When are the bloopers/out-takes coming? 😉
  2. I'm new back to golf and still trying to keep the costs down. If I'm still golfing and visiting the site in six months then I'll be subscribing - there's definitely more that $36/yr worth of value here. In the mean time, I've turned off my add blocker for this site and may even click on some of those pesky ads! 😉
  3. Okay. It sounds like I can just buy it, hit it and not worry about it (being a higher bounce than my GW). Thanks.
  4. Strange that they only do one option (bounce and grind) for a 48 degree wedge. There must be a good reason, I guess.
  5. I wouldn’t really class 8 degrees as low bounce, but maybe I’m wrong. Strange that there’s only one 48 degree option (for both bounce and grind).
  6. I notice that the 48 degree Vokey SM7 wedge is only available in the F grind with 10 degrees of bounce. My existing 52 degree SM7 wedge (also F grind) is only 8 degrees of bounce, so it seems strange for the bounce to be higher on a lower lofted club. Is there some logical reason for this?
  7. I wonder what impact (if any) this will have on TaylorMade's resin injected driver. I wonder whether they'll need to widen the gap between what's legal and what they create to accommodate this, or whether the pros will just change their driver after every round?
  8. Thanks for the link @amished. I’ve got (and have read) the LSW book and I’m taking monthly lessons from my local professional (after 20 years away from the game), but that SSSS&S article really struck a note on how to practice and is now bookmarked. Just got to keep the kids out of the way so I can swing a club in the garden now! 😁
  9. So are there any podcasts of a similar ilk that people would recommend where they are going about practice and learning the right way?
  10. I’ve been using this app for about six weeks and it continues to be used. Shame there’s not an Android version 😞
  11. I use Swing Profile on my iPhone. The auto swing detect saves you from having to scroll through all of the time either side of the swing. It gives (adjustable) swing plane lines and the ability to draw on the swing videos (which are saved) and I can favourite the ones I want to share with my golf tutor. I now have the paid version so I can save unlimited videos.
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