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  1. I just gave up my Callaway Steelhead Pro X-16’s that I loved, however to change shafts from stiff to regular was going to cost $400. So I decided to get fit for Rogue X with Recoil 460 ES Graphite graphite shafts. My tendons in my lead forearm were becoming sore after 5 holes with the stiff shafts and few years into my 50’s thought that would be my best move. Jury is still out hoping that I didn’t make a mistake. Only been to the range a couple of times with them. Going to be difficult getting used to the different lofts. Hitting the 9 iron 150 plus yards and 7 iron on average of 175 with the Rogue X. I don’t know that it was the right decision or not. Need to play a few rounds to see. I had the X-16’s gapped perfectly. Just hope I don’t have buyers remorse!
  2. I haven’t, thank you. I’m going to look into it
  3. Just curious, what is your reasoning and explanation in regards to handicap having anything to do with the iron choice? Who decides or where do you get the information that “if you hit a 7 iron 150 or more this club is not designed for you”?
  4. This thread is very refreshing. I am also exhausted by all the Rogue X iron haters. Probably most of them have hybrids in their bag, 25 to 30 years ago people had the exact same opinion on them! The game is so progressive in regards to equipment that soon as you buy something, something new comes along. I, for one, really enjoy the new irons and have no problem gapping them. Numbers are numbers, outcome is outcome. Remember, the end goal is what gets you from tee to green in the least amount of strokes as possible!
  5. 100% agree, I have changed from stiff steel shafts to graphite just recently due to that very reason with my tendons. Arms started bruising pretty bad. What a difference!
  6. It’s funny how many people that diss the Rogue X irons are pulling hybrids out of their bag. 25 years ago hybrids were considered old man or women’s clubs, however young men are using them now! LOL, Rogue X irons are in this 54 year old mans bag and they feel great! I love them, I have no problem gapping through wedges, I love the cog weight to crush the ball through the rough. Golf is and always will be a progressive sport in regards to equipment. Love what feels good and gives you that confidence, isn’t ALL about the minimum amount of strokes it takes from tee to hole? Let me know anybody else’s thoughts in regards to your experience with the Rogue X irons!
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