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  1. So many questions, I decided to take up cross stitching instead.
  2. Today I practiced 25 and 50 yard shots on the skytrak then went to the course and did the same from different lies then worked on putting for a bit. I then played 36 holes so put in 10+ hours today. I’m typically spending at least 5 to 6 hours on my game a day between practice and playing. Most of the time is playing.
  3. Zero aspirations of that. Just want to play good golf and I like challenging myself with something hard. I don’t hit 40 balls a day that’s what the average is, only said for a for a reference point. 9181 over 9 months. Some days none other days 200. I work on all aspects and don’t hit balls to just hit balls. I feel like I can get to sub 5 with increased focus that is my main issue at the moment. It’s an issue because I play almost every day after spending time practicing. I think it’s just too much really. From 5 to below Is another story.
  4. Starting playing golf again last August after a 10 year layoff. I just turned 43 and have dedicated a significant amount of time to golf and getting as good as I can get. 10 years ago I got down to an 8.3 after playing 81 rounds in a year. I have taken golf seriously for 3 years total. All other years I would casually play and never focused on getting better. Anyways since last August (9 months ago) I’ve played over 100 rounds (12/13 rounds a month) and on average hit 40 balls a day on my SkyTrak (9181 shots from 9-2018). I also spend time practicing at my club short game mostly. My handicap was 15.2 on 8/15/2018 and now it is a 7.5. Before 8/15/2019 my goal is to be a sub 5. My ultimate goal is to get to scratch but I’ll see how I feel once I achieve the sub 5 first. My big hurdles right now are getting off to a slow start and making course management errors that cost a few strokes. The slow start is me putting too much pressure on myself to play a good round. I practice 100 yards and in a lot. I have gapped my shots every 10 yards from 30 to 100 yards. I carry my drives 230-245 ish but have a love/hate relationship with my driver. A lot of times I’ll take it out of my bag and hit an 18 degree hybrid 220-230 down the fairway. just wanted to share as I see a lot of posts on what you have to do to attain a certain level of golf. I have so much more I need to do and focus on but this is how I got to this point.
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