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  1. You read my post and think that that is MY position? My point is that people DON"T see the point that you AND I are making, that being that it is just walking and will respond with a knee jerk reaction.
  2. These are the people who will ruin it for everyone. Golf can safely be played in twos with modifications like no rakes and groups of two etc. Given that some people think that golf is an elitist sport, the types you mention will cause the authorities to take a hard line, because it is such a bad look when others are confining themselves.
  3. Are you aware that there is no cure? We are "in it together" because we all have to play a part. Unless of course you live somewhere (i'm trying to keep politics out of it) where the Governor discovered yesterday that the virus is transferable from asympomatic people. Stunningly unbelievable. Are you aware that for many "getting it over with" means that they die? And you may survive but pass it on to someone who will not. A lot of people still don't seem to be getting the message that the "inconvenience", for want of a better term and financial and economic destruction are, at the moment secondary considerations.
  4. The government has decided to do it this way. And BTW, it is a conservative "liberal" (not Labour) government, which is the opposite of what that means in the U.S. And, yes, the government is the people and the government gets its money from taxpayers. They govern the $$. Someone can change the title to "Australians paying themselves in Covid-19 crisis" if that makes you happy. Or "Australians 100% self-funding in Covid-19 crisis" That'll make my point really clear.
  5. There is some detail to this, obviously, but basically - Unemployment (Jobseeker) benefits doubled to $1100 per fortnight. Government paying ALL workers who have lost their jobs* $1500 per fortnight for 6 months. (Called Jobkeeper). That's full-time, part-time and casual ( who have been with an employer for a year). *The idea is that employers keep them on the books and business is essentially mothballed. Some people will get more than they were, some will get less. Various extra payments to those on government pensions. No evictions All in all, it's pretty generous. Goodness knows how we're going to pay for it eventually, but the aim is survival at this point.
  6. So why would anybody bother to enter this competition if it is not handicapped?
  7. leftybutnotPM


    The only reason for using a 60 degree wedge around the green is if you are short-sided with rough or have to go over a bunker with the pin close to the bunker. The idea that every shot around the green has to go high is a common one amongst players who score poorly around the green. Over the past few months I have been chipping with an 8 iron with my putting grip if I can and I have been really pleased with the results. It gets a little bit of bite and the rollout is easy to control because it's just like a putt.
  8. $100,000 to the charity of your choice if you can provide a SINGLE shred of evidence that would suggest that "god" exists. Inconvenient, I know. I'm not sure why this question is so difficult to "engage" with. It's an academic discussion, not a personal attack. I genuinely am interested in knowing what motivates such beliefs once one reaches a certain age and is capable of independent thought. It can't be based on observation.
  9. you You are using that as proof of the existence of something for which there is no evidence? Are you saying that you actually believe in God? The formation of the United States is a separate thing
  10. I want you to explain what you mean when you say "conferred by God".
  11. That is plainly wrong by any scientific method. If you claim to believe in the existence of something without any evidence at all, that does not put you on equal footing with those who seek evidence for the existence of that thing. The expectation that believers provide evidence of the existence in deities is not an "unsubstantiated belief". I have no problem with people "belivieng' in deities. That is fine. But if they want to convince people that what they believe in is an actual thing, they need to be prepared to say why. No evidence has ever existed to suggest that "god" exists that would past the most rudimentary scrutiny. Seems like a pretty decent start for a person to be an atheist. The onus is on those making a claim of something existing to prove their point, not the reverse.
  12. I am in NSW and fully expect this morning's round to be my last for a while.
  13. You are right. A person who doesn't believe in ghosts or Bigfoot isn't an "active" disbeliever. They don't believe in these things in the same way they don't believe in fairies or miracles or whatever. In the absence of any evidence there is no reason to believe in something. You don't have to "actively" disbelieve. You can express incredulity that so many people "believe" in something for which there is no rational or scientific basis, but that's just like not believing you can drive the ball 400 yards. The fact is, we live in a world where people "believe" in something for which no evidence exists. Not much hope of changing that.
  14. That's cool. My conversations over the last few days basically revolve around people wanting decisive action from our (Australian) government to enforce more stringent lockdowns, not an easing of them. I am very fortunate because I am living in a comfortable environment with trees and space around me. I can't imagine being on the 7th floor of a tenement or apartment block with limited space. People are flouting social distancing regulations and a lot just don't get it. It's a bit like trying to convince someone in the 1800s that a glass of water has thousands of creatures living in it. In essence nothing has changed. People think that if you can't see it it doesn't exist. Yesterday I was walking near the beach and a group of about 10 people who'd obviously been doing a boot-camp thing were hugging and saying goodbye to each other. I made a comment about "not getting the memo" and ended up in an argument with some complete morons. Pointless? Hopefully not. If all of them go and whinge about "this arsehole this morning" and one friend says "He was right." it was worth it. Governments ( UK, U.S. Aus. for example) are being extremely generous with payments to the unemployed because they know this a long haul situation and don't want an underclass with nothing getting too angry.
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